5 Secrets to Get Higher and More Energy

All right. Today we’re going to talk about energy. Are there any readers who don’t want more energy? Please raise your hand. Did you find? Well, let’s go then.

My “secrets” of higher energy are fundamental concepts in fact to understand about Energy. These concepts really clear but often incomprehensible to those who Trying to sell us on the latest gimmick to how to get more energy.

Here they are…

1. Energy comes from sleep, not the food.

Every day we go to bed with less energy than we woke up with, and we take Hours 6, 7 or 8 or more to recharge our batteries. Ideally, this is how the body It’s supposed to work.

Although there are various scientific theories on the function of sleep, and we all agree The necessary being. Sleep time to repair and rehabilitate and Is the true source of our energy.

Don’t give us food energy. Food provides fuel and other raw materials The body uses to operate. We require only the energy to digest food, and this is why When someone is deprived of her sleep disturbed digestion.

Has your car full tank of gasoline, but if Mitt battery it won’t start. The same is true for you. You may eat all you want but in the end if you don’t sleep. Enough to recharge your batteries, you won’t have the energy.

So how much sleep do we need? There is no set number of hours, as everyone Individual needs. You need adequate sleep.

The probability that you are not getting enough sleep is very high. 56 per cent of adults Population reports that daytime sleepiness is a problem.

If you experience drowsiness during the day or drowsy, or if you need an alarm to Wake up in the morning and you’re sleep deprived. If this happens for a long time Time, you had built up big “sleep debt.”

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The solution? Pay off your debt. Sleep more.

2. Low fat diet, raw gives you more energy

Did you know that not all of the food that you eat will become available to you as food, Since the same digestion requires fuel (calories)? Is it any wonder After a large conventional meal people literally fall asleep? Digest them.
The meal took so much energy that they have to “sleep” in a coma!

On the other hand, fruit digestion takes literally no energy. Fruit contains Simple sugars that require no digestion. It also includes water requires no Digestion as well as fiber, vacated.

In fact, sugars in the fruit being absorbed sublingually nearest you That first bite of peach or watermelon. Is the ultimate “high energy food”: no Required digestion, much of the available fuel.

Raw vegetables also require very little digestion, but what they give us mostly Vitamins and minerals, as well as water, but very few calories.

Fatty foods as well as starchy foods require more energy to digest. They require Digestive enzymes more, stay longer in the stomach, and requires more Energy available for you as a fuel.

It was my experience that eating low fat diet consists mainly of fruits And vegetables gives you more energy, as long as you eat enough fruit to satisfy your Calorie needs (fuel).

3. Exercise takes energy, but you need it anyway.

We often hear that exercise gives energy. “Exercise more,” as they say, “you will have More energy. “Isn’t there, there’s a big misunderstanding. How can a physical Exertion give you energy? * Takes * energy!

After a long day of physical labor, you tired than when I just woke up. All it took energy to do work. It will take your body a good night of sleep to Recover.

People who are physically active, as well as athletes, need more sleep. Sleep Requirements for increased as more intense training.

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But the good thing is that being physically active you increase your levels Fitness, which will have an impact on your ability to handle your chores.

In other words, you will have greater physical abilities to go through your day. Without getting tired easily as stable person. Will your quality of sleep Improving too, though you may need more than that.

Fit people will enjoy better digestion, better sleep, and you’ll feel more alert During the day, as long as they get enough sleep to recover from their physical Activities.

4. Energy stimulation

People with chronic fatigue and low energy are always looking for something that will “Giving them energy.” they confuse with the stimulus, and want a quick fix Feel better now, without thinking about the long term consequences.

Let us take for instance caffeine, keeping in mind the same principles apply to Other steroids like those foods in raw cocoa or chocolate, recreational drugs, Chinese herbs, mushrooms, and other products that are sold for this purpose
To give you a “quick boost of energy.

Caffeine doesn’t give you energy. It is not possible to measure any scientifically Increase in energy when Caffeine consumption. It can measure the highest Stress levels. This means that there is an increase in the production of stress Hormones (such as adrenaline) and there is an increase in blood pressure and heart Rate.

That’s because caffeine stimulates you. Does it give you energy. And you can tell That caffeine “lends” you energy, which eventually must be paid back at a high price In the area of health.

Let us add that caffeine and other stimulants are drugs addictive.
Does it give you any energy at all.

5. You need to avoid energy compilers

If you want more power, you should avoid the many energy compilers: all those who Things that tend to drain your energy, physical and emotional, as well as objects To decrease your motivation of taking care of yourself.

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Of course, sometimes things that are not under your control, such as death Close, but due to limited your energy, your goal should be to get rid of as Many compilers energy as possible.

Compilers: negative relations includes energy, stressful jobs, pessimist or cynic Friends and relatives, the news on tv or other financial debts relating to Cause stress, and living in a contaminated environment, and many others.

Compilers motivation include: messy offices where you don’t find anything, long list Because the lack of what do you try to keep in your head without success, Purpose in life, and not to esteem, being unfit and fat without any desire
Exercise, living lives inconsistent with your deepest values, and so on.

The actions you can take steps now to get more energy

Go to bed an hour earlier-you may not realize how much sleep you debt.
Backlog. Starting pay by allowing you an extra hour in bed every day.
No fault please! You do this for your health. If necessary, get the mask of night
Blocks light to sleep more easily.

Start a fitness program-which reduces your motivation and your ability to Perform daily tasks with ease. In addition, you cannot be healthy if you Doesn’t fit. The best way to start a fitness program to get started now. Find something you Can do, and do it every day. Please stay tune for more articles on this topic in Health & nutrition pure future issues.

Ignore use of steroids-what are steroids used by fake energy? Choose The best for yourself, and get in touch with the true source of energy, nor are they Of motivation.

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