Afflicted Seizure Disorders

Suffering of millions of people suffering from seizure disorders. There are many different types of seizures with different cembtomatologace. Experience a seizure depends on the location and amount of the brain that is affected during the seizure. By definition, a seizure disorder to stimulate brain pathway where there shouldn’t be any activity. Activity is abnormal electrical discharge spontaneously to specific paths in the brain.

Seizure disorders may appear at any age. A person may be conscious or unconscious during the seizure. The activity can range from simple shocks to uncontrollable flinging body. You could start with minor symptoms of seizures and became increasingly global. Most seizure disorders of unknown cause.

Frequent brain seizures marked condition called epilepsy. Epilepsy is a neurological condition that produces a consistent electric path disorders in the brain. Normal brain activity is as a stimulus for tracks, these tracks connect with each other to control the body and all its functions. When over the communication lines, become confusing messages, brain has trouble sorting signals.

Until now, the treatment of seizures, mainly based on varmasiotikali. These medications interrupt brain activity leads to confiscation. Unfortunately, it cannot be medications for the route. All medications will be brain activity. Since taking over the activity involves some paths only, the result is that the brain is the most affected globally (brain). This includes tracks that did not participate in the takeover. This can result in the decrease in brain activity many side effects. They range from changes in personal behavior/blurred or double vision.

Currently available treatment alternatives. These treatments are effective and safe, and can be a specific path. You can isolate certain areas in the brain.

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Board Certified chiropractic neurologist, I take a unique approach to treatment and prevention of heart attacks. After a thorough neurological examination to determine which part of the nervous system is not working properly.

Treatments include structural modifications on the opposite side of brain function, audio and visual stimulation dropped daily at different intensities and frequencies, and wear glasses with different colored lenses to reduce the pace of launching an input in the brain. Visual images are also very effective in stimulating specific areas of the brain. Activation results can be measured directly integrated monitoring of central nervous system. This includes registration of blood pressure and heart rate, tidal volume lungs before and after treatment.

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