Artificial Intelligent Court Rooms and What are The Future Implications

Someone in 2001 established the virtual reality games court room that was used to help train trial lawyers. The Government wanted soon, using virtual reality software systems AI for jury selection. Next, I got the software makers decision matrix systems run another possible outcome scenarios for trial if the jury given to listening to the trial and come to judgment, which leads me to my next question, one that may be met with hostility well before all humans run what is called judicial system “fair”.

Why do we need humans to operate the court system at all?

Why not have a robotic human criminals captures police and taken to a cell, and then to the Court, day or night and try them based on right then and there the programmed data and algorithms of artificial intelligence programs of 100 000 trials and lawsuits? Updated daily in real time in the residual running court systems. After all, we need to save money the budget, want the taxpayer deducted right?

Currently, most people who get hot water with thousands of dollars to get out of Dodge. In fact, not long ago, I was discussing this with fellow think tanker, “tell laklairi”. He expressed concern that the court system works only with computers may become compromised. Still, I like the idea myself as a tax payer, so I told him point blank; “the court system is already compromised, there is just an illusion of Justice now. Obviously better than most countries, but it could not get worse with Amnesty International. ”

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I really doubt many will disagree with this fact. Troy, you see all this and States; “the thinking you still have to have human jurors, but if you can remove the” human element “might get more cases decided on” logic “rather than the emotional aspects of the case.”

Yes, there is always the risk that, even now, perhaps it should be considered criminals before their crimes. I am in favour of the death penalty. Tell that “not exactly against the death penalty” and said “we’ve heard of a few cases where the death penalty was carried out and later found innocent person, or to make people wait to die because of new information. Sure, but Troy also States, “I think that the technology improves, and these can only be placed.”

They undoubtedly will, you will pay the amount of money saved to the system almost immediately, and we’ll have more justice for all. Please consider all this.

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