Attention Deficit Disorder

Attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (add/ADHD) labels used extensively since the early 1990s. It is an inclusive diagnoses many doctors. Frankly, it’s incomprehensible add/ADHD in the healthcare profession. Many doctors find it difficult to classify the different behavior disorders, collected and then under the diagnosis of add/ADHD.

Add and ADHD caused by biochemical imbalances in the brain. In the brains of sufferers of add/ADHD, chemicals known as neurotransmitters produced are not adequately equipped. To stimulate the brain cause alertness, you need these chemicals in abundant supply. (Add is specifically caused by lack of secretion, obstruction production linked to decrease the amount of dopamine). When the secretion of dopamine, and there is a shortage of supply, the brain essentially falls asleep. Cannot process information electrically, and will get inappropriate messages to the rest of the body. Without the correct stimulus, the messages and get process information is incorrect. Can be sent to message or explanation in the wrong location.

Clinically, patients with add/ADHD have difficulty focusing on one task. Could also miss messages from the environment. It seems that the memory loss and poor listening skills. Bad sleeping habits are common because of deficits in the brain off. Intervention strategies must address specific areas of the brain. This must be a specific assessment for linking test scores to provide strategies to maximize full brain potential.

As a board certified chiropractic neurologist, I take a different approach to the prevention and treatment of attention deficit disorder. After a comprehensive neuro, determine what part of the nervous system is not working properly.

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To activate brain function, you must have activated the nervous pathways. Left-sided structural adjustments will stimulate the fire trails in the right brain. Like other effective methods can be used to stimulate brain function. One example is visual stimulation (see black mulch and red or blue and green) in left or right field of vision. You can also take advantage of the stimulus of hearing in one ear at different intensities and frequencies, based on patient need. Metronome clicks or ambient sounds cute, showers or Mozart a few examples of audio stimulation. Continuous monitoring of the patient’s blood pressure and respiratory rate and pulse, pupillary reflex/v ratio is mandatory to avoid excessive brain stimulation.

To truly understand add/ADHD, and we have to fix the attention as a global process, is not just a matter of being able to focus on sustaining attention to task. Required attention in cognitive and behavioral processes alike. How the information is used by the brain to the individual is crucial for the correct diagnosis and treatment.

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