Cell Phones Causing Cancer

Cell Phones – In 1993, a man filed a lawsuit against the cell phone industry, claiming that his wife died of a brain tumor because of its frequent use of the cell phone. The tumor was on the same side of the head where he held her cell phone and was shaped cell phone antenna. The case got widespread media attention, and has appeared on Larry King CNN show.

Although the Court refused the claim due to lack of sufficient evidence, that the public relations nightmare for the wireless industry. It’s also the beginning of a global search for a definitive answer to the question of cell phones safe or not? Causes cancer and other degenerative diseases? Brain cancer is rising by 25% since cell phones became popular. Every year, there are 183,000 more cases in the United States alone. Some health experts say that there is a link with cell phone use, but is there a manual?

In an attempt to defuse the negative publicity from the lawsuit, the cell phone industry itself funded research programme of us $ 25 million to prove that mobile phones are safe. After six years of intensive research, however, the results were not what they were looking for. Dr Jorge Carlo, head of the program, found evidence that cell phones pose some health risks, and perhaps cancer.

First came the evidence of cancer link that shook the cell phone industry in 1997. Dr Michael ribacholi and his colleagues from the Royal Adelaide hospital in South Australia reported that long term exposure to the type of radiation that comes from digital cell phones caused an increase in the incidence of lymphoma in mice. The study has received international media attention extensively because it was the first time that has been linked to cancer cell phone study well.

Red flags: solving the mystery of cancer
In order to show a link between cell phone radiation and cancer, let’s look at several studies Dr Carlo investigated that made him blow the whistle, so to speak. Red flag findings provide the pieces that fit together to form a picture of cancer:

-DNA damage in human blood studies
-Blood-brain barrier breakdown
-Studies of tumors in people who use mobile phones
-Studies of cell phone radiation dosage and response

DNA damage in human blood.
All tumors and all cancers are due to genetic damage. Often the damage includes forming nuclei-parts of chromosomes that form membranes around themselves and appear under a microscope as additional nuclei in blood cells (which normally have only one nucleus). The relationship between work and cancer so strong that doctors around the world to test for their presence identify patients likely to develop cancer. Nuclei having indicates that the cells can no longer properly repair broken DNA. This shortfall is to be an indication of increased risk of cancer.

-In December 1998, Tice and Graham of Dr hook “integrated laboratory systems in North Carolina that blood cells exposed to cell phone radiation suffer genetic damage in the form of nuclei. In their studies, and damage DNA and chromosomes in human white blood cells when exposed to signals from all types of mobiles-analog, digital, and computers. And was even shown harm from signals occurring on search and rescue level below the guideline of “safety” of the Government.

-Using different methods, and Dr Joseph Roti Roti of Washington University in Saint Louis facts mentioned above in 2000. His research showed that human blood cells exposed to RF radiation and genetic damage phone actually develops, in the shape of nuclei. This conclusion has received much notice because Dr Roti Roti is one of the leading scientists who does hiw work under funding by Motorola

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This has very serious implications. If the cell phone radiation encourages the formation of micronucleus in blood cells, nuclei are said to be “biological markers” for cancer, and then based on these studies alone cell phone use could argue that the increased risk of cancer.

The blood-brain barrier breakdown
The blood-brain barrier is a special filter the blood vessels of the brain that keeps dangerous chemicals from reaching sensitive brain tissue and cause DNA breaks and other damage.

-In 1994, and again in 2002, Dr Leif Salford from Lund University in Stockholm, Sweden in his study that showed rats exposed to cell phone radiation is a breakdown in the blood-brain barrier, as well as areas of shrunken, damaged neurons.

Tice nuclei studies and hook and Roti parata Roti and results of blood in the brain of Salford explained steps how cancer can be caused by cell phone radiation.

First step: a leakage or breakdown in the blood-brain barrier will provide a cancer-causing chemicals in the bloodstream (than tobacco, pesticides, air pollution, etc) to leak sensitive brain tissue and brain damage that would be otherwise protected. These chemicals can break down DNA in the brain or cause other damage to reach those cells.

Step two: while a number of studies have shown that cell phone radiation by itself doesn’t seem that out of DNA results indicate nuclei, they affect DNA repair mechanisms in the brain cells. As a result of the collapse of the cell nuclei ability to repair itself. If the brain cells become unable to repair themselves, then carcinogenesis-can begin creating tumors-caused by chemical toxins.

DNA carries the genetic material of the organism and its cells. Any harm to go which is not fixed on the future generation of cells. And may change, and this is opts to boom as a possible cause of cancer.

Tumors in people who use mobile phones
Epidemiological studies show, by different investigators using different methods, some evidence of an increased risk of tumors among people who use cellular phones.

-In 1998, Dr Ken Rothman of idimiologi resources, a company in Newton, Massachusetts, to study shows that mobile users have more than twice the risk of death from brain cancer of car phone users-antennas that are mounted on the car body, a far cry from the heads of users.

-In 1998, Joshua Muscat, a research scientist from the American Health Foundation “, in his neural tumors doubled risk of epithelial cells on the outside of the brain among cell phone users, especially on the side of the skull where cell phone antennas during calls.

-Muscat also showed in another study that people who have used cell phones for six years or more with a 50 per cent increase in the risk of developing Acoustic Neuroma, a benign tumor in the nerve that controls hearing and extends from the ear to the brain. Audio nioromas can cause hearing loss, can be life threatening if not treated.

This was confirmed by Anders ahlbom in a separate study in Stockholm, Sweden in 2004 and sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO), who finds that people who have used cell phones, this time for 10 years at least, might be to increase the risk of developing Acoustic Neuroma.

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-Requested study also looked to the World Health Organization, the researchers headed by Dr Lennart hardel of orebro Medical Center in Sweden 1,617 patients aged between 20 and 80 who had been diagnosed with a brain tumour between 1997 and 2000. Then it was compared to healthy individuals. Those who used cell phones for less than 10 years faced a 20% higher risk of brain cancer. But for those who used them for more than a decade was 80% higher risk. The study also found that tumors are 2.5 times more likely to be on the same side of the head as he held the phone. Cancer of the auditory nerve, Acoustic Neuroma, showed greater-3.5 times greater risk.

Cell phone radiation dosage and response
All studies showed that increased exposure to cell phone radiation also increases the likelihood of a negative impact.

In ribacholi to study mice, an increased risk of lymphoma significantly longer than mice were exposed to radio waves.

In research done by TICE and hook Roti Roti, increased risk of genetic damage as measured by the amount of radiation increased nucleation.

In three studies abidimoiologikal-two in Muscat and one by hardel-risk tumors was greater in the nearby areas of the brain where cell phone contract.

In a study in Salford, high radiation exposure in rats exposed to, the more damage was apparent level in blood vessels in the brain and nerve cells.

Big picture of cancer
Test tube studies Tice and hook; wesilford; ribacholoi mouse study epidemiological Rothman, Muscat hardel all agree in that they indicate increased risk of cancer among cell phone users. They fit together to form the beginnings of image that everyone sees. It’s probably not fully formed yet, but there is enough place that already exist to see that there’s a real public health fo about cell phone safety.

According to Dr Carlo, “big picture disturbingly clear. There is a clear risk that the plume emitted from cell phone antenna radiation can cause cancer and other health problems. Likely to affect hundreds of millions of people around the world. It is dangerous to be seen and understood by all who use cell phones so that they can take all appropriate steps to protect themselves-and especially to protect young children skulls that continues to grow, and who are the most vulnerable to radiation risks.

More pieces come
-In 2000, the Sydney research team published a scientific hypothesis about how mobile phone radiation causes cancer. The report claimed that radiation generated by mobile phones cause stress of body cells, causing them to give off ‘ heat shock proteins (HSP). ‘ sometimes human cells release these proteins in response to injury or infection. This chronic heat shock response activation affect the normal regulation of cells, which can lead to cancer.

-In 2002, a cell biologist viornzo Marinelli and his team at the National Research Council in Bologna, Italy, blood cancer cells constantly radio waves similar to mobile phones. The exposed cells had a higher death rate than the controls at first, but after further exposure, something strange happened: instead of dying more cells, exposed cells was replicated furiously compared with controls. The genes activated cells to reproduce in a high percentage of cells. Cancer, although briefly beaten again, and may become more aggressive. Marinelli suspects that initially radiation may damage DNA, and this interferes with biochemical signals in a way that eventually called the cells to multiply more quickly.

What are cell phones still around?
Now with all the mounting evidence, the cell phone industry still maintained their position that mobile phones are safe and even began marketing towards children. Governments have been slow to step warning people of the danger of using mobile phones. Fortunately, health officials and experts in several European countries take first steps, have issued public warnings to parents urging caution about kids and cell phones

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If former environmental issues related to tobacco, asbestos, lead is any indication, take years and even decades to accumulate the amount of evidence which will produce a specific provision. In the case of cigarette smoking, it took two decades studying and using 100 years of consumer to collect enough data to satisfy the search criteria to prove the need for the United States Surgeon General warning label on cigarette packs. Some experts say that if cell phones, it won’t take that long as data comes faster. But presently the authorities urge people to exercise caution.

Replication to discuss another problem. Examining new realities emerge generally don’t receive immediate acceptance in the scientific community or the wireless industry unless another research laboratory able to duplicate work and results. The industry has cleverly perpetuated their position by creating the illusion of officials always call up to conduct further research.

When Dr Salford in 2003 study showed that neurons in the brain of mice die from exposure to cellphone radiation and warned there might be similar effects in humans over time can lead to degenerative diseases of the brain. He crossed his study industry as “novel” found that there is a need to repeat them.

But achieving scientific criterion for replication can be complex. Salford says if at all replication studies, provide a comparison of apples to apples, there maneuver up dispute his findings. Research and studies require funding, and the wireless industry, having detected Dr Carlo, remained reluctant to put their money in a more comprehensive search. As for Governments, again taking many European Governments responsible research funding cycle, but the United States and Canada are lagging badly.

In 1999, Larry King of CNN back on man suit against cell phone manufacturers millions of dollars. This time it was men, Maryland neurologist, brain cancer itself-again on the side of the head where he held his cell phone. The case again refused, however, and the man died.

According to the World Health Organization report, 0.1 billion people died from tobacco use in the 20th century, 10 times as many will die in the twenty-first century. No one suggests that mobile phones can cause large losses, but do we really want to wait and see?

Designed for responsible technology
Unlike tobacco, the cell phone has become an integral part of our lives as television and computer. Has enabled us to achieve a giant leap in the way we communicate with each other and are widely credited with saving lives in emergency situations. Cell phones are here to stay, and perhaps rightly so.

The question is not how to stop people from using this device everywhere, but rather how to make it safer. Always the first step is admitting there is a problem, then the Government and industry must acknowledge the health risks inherent with current technology. In this way we can find all the solutions that we may more enjoy the benefits of use without sacrificing our health and well being.

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