How To Choose The Right Neck Pillow

How to choose your own neck pillow?

Neck Pillow – Internet is flooded with pillows neck-support in various shapes, sizes and materials. Many of these pillows are claiming to promote better sleep and relieve neck pain and prevent episodes of stiff neck and shoulder.

Muscle spasm and pain and discomfort are becoming increasingly common health complaints.
Often produce about pillows that were too high, too soft or too strict to individual user needs. Often the muscles of the neck and back to compensate for the bad cushion design, working overtime to ensure proper alignment of the head and neck.
No wonder so many people wake up feeling worse after sleeping a full night!

You can prevent most episodes of neck pain and back pain and cramps in the shoulder neck pillows specifically designed. Neck pillow is better designed to align your spine in a neutral position, in support of lordosis (curvature) of the neck and head support and enable rotate the shoulder.

While it proved the neck support to help people with cervical problems, you need to ensure that the type of neck pillow buy provides the right level of support and comfort neck all night long. Many “special neck pillow” available in the market today are not designed or recommended by registered physiotherapist or neurosurgeon.

Led by neurosurgeon Dr Berke has found much success in the pursuit of effective neck support people with neck and back problems. Many people benefited from his contoured memory foam pillow designed, which relieves pain and cramps and numbness with its 3-step:

  1. Design inform carries on his neck and his head in the correct position to the proper position. Sleeping side position, contoured design takes the pressure away from the arm and shoulder and relaxes the neck and upper back.
  2. free arm shoulder higher channels, enabling the rotation of the arm without disturbing the head and neck.
  3. foam density visco elastic memory, templates for features unique to the user, support of lordosis cervical spine and provide years of comfort and support.
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Neck pain often results when the natural curvature of the spine. Proper head and shoulder alignment must be to maintain the natural lordosis and neck muscles relax completely.

For those who want to ensure a good night’s rest, it is important to choose a pillow with a scientific design, which is made of high quality memory foam. The pillow should be tested for comfort and support and recommend qualified physiotherapist or nerves, who can understand the difference between a tried and tested noise technology.

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