Common Fitness Myths Debunked Strength Training

Common Fitness Myths Debunked Strength Training

1. Ab exercises will reduce my belly pot.

Fact: you can’t ‘ spot ‘.

No amount of work will change ab itself form the stomach. Just like the ‘ main ‘ thigh would not your thighs. I’ll start looking at trim stomach and ease as soon as you change your eating habits and reduce overall body fat.

2. Strength training will bulk up me.

The truth: strength training boosts your metabolism efficiency without adding muscle mass.

Strength training one piece of the puzzle. I don’t have the ability to gain muscle and fitness magazines would like you to believe. The hormone differences between women and men is radically different and therefore cannot gain muscle women like men. You should add strength training two days a week if you want to maximize the efficiency of your workouts and your overall results. Strength training also increases bone density, which is particularly important in females.

3. Wing in every day the best way to measure progress.

The truth: transform your focus of ‘ weight ‘ to ‘ fat ‘ loss.

Taking measurements and body composition testing at the beginning of the weight loss is more measurable and less discouraged by frequent weigh-ins.
Weighing is actually one of the worst things you can do mentally to yourself on a regular basis. Also, by adding one pound of lean muscle will burn five pounds of fat over six months. That may not seem like much but what you added five pounds of muscle and burn 25 pounds of fat? This net loss of 20 lbs. Moreover, you’ll look like a completely different person.

4. Must be sore the next day so I know it was a great workout.

Fact: a wrench as a result of small tears in the muscles and means a lot wrench do you more harm than good.

When you start any exercise program you will naturally face some special wrench if you haven’t developed at all since a long time. But after a month or so, we should not get to the point where you’re sore after every workout. We should expect some muscle soreness if you switch to different exercises.

5. The workout for at least five days a week at In order to achieve results.

Fact: your commitment will directly affect the results you seek, but you don’t have to put in five days a week.

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What you decide the time you can realistically be put into practice. A word of warning: you should put the commitment three hours a week for three hours per week results! This is where most people fail. It starts with gusto in the first week or two and then because they didn’t see any noticeable results, resigned. It takes 90 days of consistent habit changes start to see significant results.

6. No pain, no gain.

Truth: in reality is the opposite. If you are suffering from pain, you won’t see any results fitness.

There is a fine line though between pain (ache) and pain (infection). It will be painful, but you must not try hard at first to injure yourself by stupidity. Seek professional guidance (personal trainer or some other professional fitness) if I don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to exercise program.

7. Exercises alone will help you lose fat by speeding up your metabolism.

The truth: you need the entire program without missing components.

You need a combination of strength and cardiovascular and flexibility training to your workout program generally complementary. One without the other two will lead to results. Your metabolism to burn fat efficiently only when you find the right combination of three elements.

8. The exercise might be exhausting be useful.

Truth: you should alternate days easy, medium and hard.

Everyone has different pain tolerance. Use a scale of 1-10. One is lying in bed trying to sleep. Ten you two seconds away from pedestrians. You must stay between 5 and 8.0. Every once in a while venturing outside this range.

9. Exercise will keep me up all night.

Fact: the exercise will help you sleep better.

As long as the completion of exercise 3-4 hours before bed, you will benefit from exercise at night. Participate in stress reducing exercise and it will help you relax and get restful sleep at night.

10. Going to a gym is the only way to get in shape.

Fact: there are many ways to get in shape without going to a gym.

You can walk, bike, jog, follow the tapes or exercise running after the dog a few potential ways for you to start the program. However, most people find it easier to get results if motivated by the people around them, and find the accountability partner to work with.

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11. Exercise makes you hungry.

Fact: most of the time you’ll feel less hungry.

You will usually find after a workout, your body doesn’t want food. However, if you feel like eating you. Just be aware of what you consume so you don’t ruin the results you seek.

12. If you practice enough, I can eat whatever I want.

The truth: you are what you eat.

This is more than a cliché. If you eat McDonalds regularly, you will begin to take shape a person eats junk food. Rocket science? No. Just plain common sense. Everything in moderation, including moderation.

13. my metabolism slowed down around age 30.

Fact: the metabolism has not slowed down. I got lazy and not active.

I was already overweight about 30 because you become less active. That’s one of the myths of fitness. Daily exercise sends a message to the body to avoid storing unwanted calories and unwanted.

14. I can add weights to hand my program run and Reap the benefits of strength training and cardiovascular training at the same time.

Truth: do it will more than likely cause injury.

We, as Americans, tend to do too much too fast. We want results now. This will lead to further pressure on joints and tendons, ligaments and significantly increase the incidence of chronic injury possibilities and opportunities now, as well.

15. muscle weighs more than fat.

Fact: muscle is more dense than fat, so they take up less space.

One pound of muscle weighs the same one pound of fat. Just as one pound of feathers weighs himself one pound of bricks. The difference in size. Fat will take up a lot more space than muscle.

16. In lower intensity for longer burn more fat.

Fact: you can burn more calories including fat calories when you exercise at a higher intensity.

The best way to burn fat doing interval training. Interval training works like this: increased heart rate at a high level for a minute, and then back down the intensity for a minute, then return to increase and so on until 30 minutes to adapt the quality of the heart and blood vessels. Training quality always wins the amount of training.

17. respectively is the best way to get fit.

Fact: there is no better way to get fit.

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The best way to get fit is to do something you enjoy. You will become the best way for you to get fit because you are the person who will stick to “choose”.

18. Best time to exercise early in the morning.

Fact: there is no better time to exercise.

The best time to exercise for you is the best time for you to practice. The majority of people who schedule exercise in the morning report that it is easier to stay on track with it during the day, after work, unexpected events that can fundamentally change your exercise.

19. Should always do strength training before cardio training.

Fact: what you prefer.

In both cases (or engaging in KETTLEBELL training where you can get them at the same time). Just make sure that you have both to ensure a well rounded program.

20. You can burn more fat if you exercise on an empty stomach.

Fact: on an empty stomach doesn’t affect how you can lose weight.

In fact, it hinders if you don’t have the energy to exercise. Even if you exercise immediately after waking up in the morning, must be something small to eat.

21. Stretching before working out and improves workouts.

The truth: stretching before a workout actually reduces performance.

Stretching before exercise, you can allow some tissue relaxation that is counterproductive. This also increases the chances of infection.

22. If you’re not sweating, you’re not yourself exercising Enough.

Fact: we all sweat differently. So don’t sweat it!

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 uses in myth # 8. This is the best way to select the level you are in.

23. Muscle turns to fat when you stop working out.

Fact: muscle turns to fat scientifically.

If you stop working out, most likely you will see your body change due to muscle cell volume will decrease while fat cell size will be increased.

24. Sit in the sauna helps you burn fat.

The truth: sauna will lead to weight loss water from sweat.

The sauna does not burn fat. Saunas cause you sweat more. You will lose weight? Yes. I will be fat? No. Water will be? Yes. You will get it back within 24 hours? Yes. Better calorie burning exercise.

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