Contact Lenses for Teens

Your child need not wear glasses, and hated them? Another option-teens can wear contact lenses, as well as adults. Find out what the advantages and disadvantages of contact lenses for teenagers, and see if they can be the solution to your son.

Which is better-contact lenses or glasses?

Glasses of course easier: all you need to do to stick them in the nose. But it’s no secret that children and adolescents hate these glasses. Not wear will help your child to feel more attractive and affable, and increase his or her self esteem.

Contact lenses also have a number of practical advantages. They provide a central vision crisp and excellent peripheral vision. Best contacts to play sport and other physical activities.

What is the minimum age to wear contact lenses?

Most doctors start prescribing contact lenses for kids after 11 years old, so it might surprise you to learn that there is no minimum age for wearing contacts. Even infants can wear contacts, provided that their parents inserting and removing lenses. Where age is not really a question-what is more important how your administrators. For example, he or she is ready to follow the doctor’s instructions and take care of the lenses properly, every day?

Surprisingly, studies show that teenagers are often more responsible for the care of their contacts of adults. Of course, in the first few weeks, you will have to oversee your daughter or son, to make sure they follow the doctor’s instructions properly.

Secure connections are for teens?

The safety of contact lenses, for youth, for many parents. Don’t worry-if lenses worn on schedule and cared for properly, completely safe. In fact safer than contacts glasses-they won’t break during a game and cut your child.

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Here are contact lenses safety rules list:

  • Always follow your doctors instructions for cleaning and storing lenses
  • Wear and replace your lenses on schedule; try not to wear it from sunrise to midnight
  • Never sleep wearing your lenses
  • Wear glasses tight while swimming with contact lenses
  • If uncomfortable with the lens in the eye, remove the lens

Loss of contact lenses behind your eyes to urban legend; this is impossible, because of the physiology of the human eye. The worst that can happen when soft contact lenses in half folds and hidden under your eye lid. In this case, we recommend that you close your eyes and gently massage it through the eyelids from the edges toward the Center. Eventually you will shift the lens and can be easily removed.

Do you feel comfortable contact lenses?

Modern contact lenses designed for comfort. People who wear soft contact lenses high quality report that usually feels like there is nothing in their eyes. If you feel that your eyes tired and a little dry at the end of the day, then it’s time to get contacts.

Of course, the moment when you put lenses in little reasons of rest, and so does the process to remove them. However, it doesn’t hurt, and with a little practice, you can easily manage most teens inserting and removing lenses.

Be hard to care for contact lenses?

When contact lenses require different solutions for storage, cleaning and removing protein gone days. Now caring for contact lenses is very simple. Most soft lenses, all you need is a multipurpose solution (for cleaning and storing) and contact lenses case.

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If you go to daily disposable contact lenses there is no care at all-just take the lens of sterile collection and pop in. If you don’t trust your child to take care of his or her lenses properly, daily newspapers are the perfect solution.

Contacts cost much more than glasses?

Pair of glasses costs more than a pair of contact lenses, but due to contact lenses to replace them often, total cost is higher. Daily color available connections are more expensive; monthly disposable lenses don’t cost much. And of course, the cost of contact lenses differs greatly from the tag.

However, if you know the secrets of buying discount online communications, most lenses will cost less than 50 cents per day. I think you will agree that this is a fair price to pay for convenience and increase your self esteem.

So do you think that contact lenses can be a solution for your child? Contact lenses give a try and see if this helps your son feel better about herself.

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