How to Cope Allergy Season

Allergy Season – Sun bursts forth flowers and leaf buds open phpMyAdmin. The beauty of spring is welcomed by everyone except those prone to allergies. Histamine release induced by allergic substances causing a runny nose and itchy eyes after nasal drip and his head. Reduce histamine what needs to be done, most likely, run to the store counter anti histamine. While this may work in the short term, it does not address the issue of allergies.

Allergy Season – Why are some people more prone to allergies than others? Genetics? Maybe, but it seems to be the answer to every question without a clear answer.

Here may be the answer is clear:

Allergy Season – Immune function and cell membranes, weak, poor water quantity and Airways obstructed causing individuals to be overly sensitive to the environment. If you address these four issues, you can minimize the runs a pharmacy.

Let’s look at these issues:

  • Overactive immune function: stress plays a big role in immune function. Stress signals the adrenal glands to release cortisol, which temporarily shut down the immune function. Over time, it becomes exhausted adrenal glands and can not provide enough cortisol. Can’t keep cortisol levels low immune function in balance anymore. This causes many allergies with pollen being one.
  • Result of stress relieving activities and rebuild the adrenal glands diet helps to rebalance immune function.
    Cell membranes are weak: foods can be enticing. If so, they cause the cell membranes to be weaker and easier to get out. Then release the cell membranes weaker histamine causing unwanted symptoms. Eating foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as cold water fish, stabilize cell membranes. The typical American consumes a diet high in omega-6 fatty acids cause infections.
  • Omega fatty acids are found in cereals and animals fed on grain. Consume more cold water fish, reduce meat and grain, supplementing with DHA and EPA derived from cold water fish) helps to install cell membranes. Unfortunately, we need to be aware of mercury in fish.
  • Poor water quantity: If the blood is thick and concentrated with chemicals and hormones and proteins, is more likely to occur. If histamine is more concentrated in the blood, inflammation occurs easily as more likely to link histamine receptors.
  • The easiest and least expensive to reduce the concentration of histamine to drink pure water filter. Water will penetrate the cells and enter the blood and reduce the concentration of solute, giving less opportunity to link histamine receptors. Water is an anti histamine. Drink filtered water a minimum of 8-10 cups a day. Do not drink chlorinated water. Chlorinated water increases the concentration of solute and destroys cell membranes.
  • Hindered airlines: obstruction of the nasal passages a perfect habitat for bacteria and viruses. Why? Can Wade past immune thick mucous consume bacteria and viruses. Allergies cause sinus infections routinely from this basic principle.
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Allergy Season – Keep the airway histamine levels as described above and nasal irrigation. Neti pot nasal irrigation used filled with filtered warm water and a little non-iodized salt. The water flows the nose, then to the sinuses and out the nose. This procedure removes mucus and pollen from the air stream directly, which reduces the chance of sinusitis and allergic attack. For the new user and this can be awkward, but it gets easy with practice. Neti Pot nasal irrigation is done as needed-one to three times daily. If the neti pot, Snort water non-iodized salt in one nostril and tilt head and the water ran out the opposite nostril. Hit him with both nostrils open. Start from only one nostril blow open as this mucus and bacteria deeper into the sinuses.

Allergy Season – Early preparation and Setup now. To prevent or reduce the sensitivity, one must start this Protocol as soon as possible. It takes time to rebuild cell membranes: the supply of the adrenal gland with proper nutrition and learn nasal irrigation. In about four weeks time and will improve cell membranes and the adrenal gland. During this time, nasal irrigation should be underway to keep nasal passages clear of pollen and other substances causing allergies.

Enjoy hassle-free spring-year after year! Tell your friends about this simple protocol. They will thank you.

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