How to Cure Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is probably one of the most misunderstood diseases in existence today. Still many doctors doubt that CFS but real disease. Some doctors think CFS is nothing more than a psychological disorder, or extend a symptom of another disease. CFS insidious disease with no reason or the absolute root connection detected.

Moreover, there is no biological determinants of open road to objective measurements such as brain scans or blood tests to diagnose CFS absolute. It clearly and frustrating for those who suffer from “chronic fatigue syndrome”, considerable barriers stacked against them from the start.

Surveys indicate that “chronic fatigue syndrome affects more than four in every thousand Americans. According to a us study, women suffered from higher rates of CFS. Individuals aged 40 to 50, CFS suffer more than any other age group often. CFS affects both genders of all ages, across all ethnic and racial groups.

What are some of the most common symptoms of “chronic fatigue syndrome”?

Below are the most common specific symptoms of CFS:

A severe depletion lasts more than six months and that
Don’t get even better after sleep.

  • Periods of forgetfulness, memory loss, confusion, or difficulty concentrating
  • Tender lymph nodes in the neck or armpits.
  • No redness or swelling of the joints.
  • Aunrifrishing bed, unable to sleep.
  • Permanent fatigue more than 24 hours after exercise.
  • Fatigue that impairs the ability of a person to act and work regularly at work, at home, in social events.
  • When exercising minimum intensify other symptoms CFS.
  • Sensitivity to sunlight.

What can I do now to improve dealing with CFS?

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Here are some steps that you can implement in your life to deal with CFS:

  1. Before I completely accept the Committee on world food security, be 100% certain that you had. Locate a clinic that treats CFS and request for diagnostic test to determine if you have this disease.
  2. A balanced diet consists of fresh fruit, vegetables and fiber. Try to eliminate as much as you can sugar, salt, saturated fats and animal proteins in your meals.
  3. Exercise regularly every day doing but not more than that. Stay within your limits. How? If you cannot tolerate a full hour of walking, jogging, or biking without negative effects such as sleep more than usual, less.
  4. If you find yourself unable to sleep soundly, consider taking a safe natural remedy to cure insomnia.
  5. If you feel depressed and frustrated, so defeated due to chronic fatigue syndrome, consider taking a safe natural remedy to cure depression.
  6. CFS patients with weak immune systems. This reason to catch cold or flu easily. Supplement your diet with something that the strength of the immune system.
  7. Whenever you have time, educate yourself about CFS online and offline. Type in “chronic fatigue syndrome” in the search engine and browse. The more you know about CFS, the better it is for you to deal with this disease.

Personally I did battle with this durable and unforgiving beast. Could I admit frankly that “chronic fatigue syndrome” cuteness is not easy to define, or treated. I have learned a lot through trial and error what works and what doesn’t. And often have wasted my money earned money on products that didn’t do anything for me.

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