Differences Between Prosecutors and Lawyers

An attorney is someone who can give legal advice and learned about the law.
While an attorney is a person who is legally authorized to represent others or act on behalf of another person or client. In fact, a prosecutor is a driver in various business affairs under the authority of the finite and limited by a written document in the form of a letter, or a letter of authorization. Attorney acting as bailiffs
have authority to represent clients in legal action.

At the present time, a law prosecutors got permission to perform a variety of tasks attorney, provided they understand the law and have passed the necessary certification.
Lawyers are now more held positions as legal counsel and care obligations. They are required to comply with the applicable code of ethics lawyer among lawyers. The role of a lawyer depends on his field of specialization, or a position that he held.

A lawyer can act as a support or as an advocate for the client, or as people who oppose because of the reasons. Lawyers can also act as legal advisers, which means that the lawyer can be the one to give information, or advice or recommendations in the field of law. An attorney can also be called as a prosecutor. As support, it can represent clients in criminal and civil courts to prepare and submit the management of evidence. A lawyer arguing in court to support and help their clients. As an advice, counsel, guide, or the person who gave the instruction to the client about the legal rights, duties and obligations and proposes actions in both the business and affairs of the client’s personal problems. All lawyers have permission to represent anyone in court, but there are lawyers specializing in labor court. Lawyers in this area are trained to do research, interviewing clients and witnesses, and gather all the details that are involved in the preparation of court proceedings.

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There are also lawyers who specialize in the field of environmental law, the field of intellectual property or copyright, and others. Today, many lawyers who run their own private law office. They specialize in criminal law, where they represent clients involved in a criminal case. There is also a lawyer focusing on civil law where they give assistance to clients in the management of wills, trusts, contracts, and many other things. Even some lawyers who choose to work in legal aid organizations such as private organizations, and non-profit, the importance of helping people who can not afford to hire a lawyer.

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