Different Types of Prescription Eyeglasses

Prescription Eyeglasses – Glasses with glasses that have been prescribed by an optometrist that worn by people who have been diagnosed with a specific condition in the eye. Depending on the situation, and will initiate a different lens.

Prescription Eyeglasses is divided into four different categories.

Single vision lens has the same central authority from the upper part of the lens to the bottom of the lens. People who have been diagnosed with far-sighted, minors or with astigmatism to wear single vision lenses to correct these types of eye disorders. Astigmatism is a condition that does not allow light reflect on the retina, causing distorted images.

Bifocal lens is used to correct call an ageing. This disorder usually occurs in people in their 40 ‘s. If someone has been diagnosed with aging, they don’t focus on close objects. This is useful where “lens bivokal. Use the upper part of the lens for distance and the lower part of the lens is useful with vision document. People with old age need both types of “view” on the glasses.

Trivokal lens-meaning they have three Central views-similar design combining the lens with the exception of the hand Center of the lens to see.

Is the fourth kind of lens multi format. It has more than one view; therefore combining multiple types of contact lenses wetrivokal.

Include other types of lenses specifically designed for other purposes “lens computer”. It is designed so that when you sit in front of a computer, showing someone a nest Watcher and papers to monitor at the same time. And then there’s “the glasses”, which rarely, but when it’s usually for pilots, electricians or other professions that need to see close overhead.

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