Early Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

Symptoms Diabetes – While it is very easy to test for symptoms of diabetes, simple blood glucose testing is the decisive factor, diabetes may not be easily identified at first, since many of its symptoms are also common complaints for people who don’t have diabetes. For this reason, having diabetes often goes undiagnosed for a period of time before being discovered and treated, if discovered in time to prevent complications.

Symptoms Diabetes – Frequent urination, particularly at night, can be a symptom of diabetes, but these symptoms alone won’t rush necessarily disease either. This presentation will also become very annoying and frequent before it will pay most people to consult a doctor.

Symptoms Diabetes – Unexplained weight loss other possible signal for diabetes but again, no significant signal to the individual necessarily suffering from diabetes. In many cases, people who want to lose weight will consider this unexpected grace and cannot consult a doctor if they had lost a considerable amount of weight over a period of time.
Skin infections, wounds that slowly heal sores on the feet and ankles, frequent vaginal infections (women) are the signs of diabetes that is somewhat more likely to draw attention and lead to a diagnosis.

Symptoms Diabetes – Blurred vision, tingling or numbness in the hands or feet are also possible indicators of diabetes, so that these symptoms can be annoying, is likely to lead to medical care and diagnosis.

Symptoms Diabetes – Individuals who suffer from many of the symptoms listed above may have good reason to suspect in diabetes, especially if they are in any of the higher risk categories, the doctor should be contacted to request a simple blood glucose test that can confirm or rule out diabetes.

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Type 2 diabetes develops slowly and usually less severe symptoms. Some people may not notice any symptoms at all and diabetes is just a routine medical examination was taken. Some people have put the symptoms down to ‘ getting older ‘ or ‘ jet lag ‘.

Type 1 diabetes develops more quickly, usually over a few weeks and usually very obvious symptoms.

In both types of diabetes, relieving symptoms quickly once they are dealing with diabetes. Early treatment will also reduce the chances of developing serious health problems.

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