Effective Ways to Avoid Food Poisoning

Are you looking forward to a great summer? Beaches, warm The weather of course-in barbecue, don’t forget to avoid food poisoning.

Combined with a relaxing atmosphere and easy barbecue Or a picnic dinner for family and friends comes some unknown Risks. You probably realize that he can cause coli and salmonella The symptoms that range from mild discomfort to life threatening Emergencies. But why is this more common during summer meals And how you can protect your loved ones without ruining your Summer?

We are in summer when we walk or after Grill Not to prepare a meal with our usual amenities Home-sink, stove and refrigerator. For this reason we probably Forget to wash your hands, and storing food properly or even grab a clean environment Food Service Panel.

Here are some ways that you can protect yourself from the summer.
Outdoor dining:


From the grocery store, cart, to the refrigerator, to the table Keep meat and other foods are separated.

Wrap the meat is always so when thawing to prevent juices from Dripping on other foods, especially produce. Has been producing And select as the culprit in some cases of food poisoning.

Water and sanitation

Wash hands, cutting boards, dishes and food.

Always wash your hands before and after preparing food. Start Cooked meat on the same plate or tray that was in service When the rough-make sure the resident barbecue expert is to give a clean Plate to put the final product. Also quite clean Knives and cutting boards. Ideally you should use a separate Cutting board for bread and other meat Products.

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Wash produce in cold water and rub the thick skin of foods such as Cantaloupe as bacteria can come in contact with the body When the fruit is cut.

Hot and cold

Keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot.

Food can be generally lasts for two hours at room temperature, but That was down for about one hour in hot weather. Cold food (potatoes Salad, sandwiches, etc.) You should keep in the refrigerator until ready Service. If food and travel should be set using ice or Commercial freezing gel packets. It should also keep food hot Insulated.

When dining outdoors to try to keep cold food’s shadow and be Make sure you warm and insulated food packaging.

When no longer being eaten food should be returned to Ice box or insulated carrier. The food should be kept hot or cold For as long as it is being worked and then chilled in clean, Covered containers. If you are not able to the refrigerator within A few hours is best thrown away.

If you suspect a mild case of food poisoning from an attempt to limit The foods you eat the brat diet: bananas, rice, applesauce and Toast. In more severe cases you should seek emergency treatment When there are signs of pain, vomiting for several hours or Bloody diarrhoea. Pregnant women, the elderly and those with immune system Disorders and children are more vulnerable.

Food safety is an important part of summer fun. Bearing The precautions will help you to enjoy your meals, and avoid dangerous The consequences.

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The information in this article is for educational purposes Only and is not intended to medically diagnose and cure or treat any Disease. Consult a health care practitioner before starting any Health care program.

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