Electronic Medical Record is the Safer Choice

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) – Management of medical transcription, medical billing, cpt codes, and other medical records, usually composed of wall to wall paper registers files. According to a recent study conducted by Accenture, most health care consumers feel that switching to EHR will improve the quality of health care and security for their records.

Accenture was not the first to take advantage of the possibilities of electronic medical records (EMR). President Bush said, citing health care experts in January of 2005, the EHR can reduce medical costs by 20%. Bush said in his State of the Union speech in 2004, said he would like to see all paper medical records transferred to electronic medical records (EMR) within 10 years.

Electronic medical records (EMR) are “preventive medicine”

President Bush has often referred to his proposals on changes in medical practice “preventive medicine”. This address will be accurately address how American health care consumers feel about switching to EHR. According to Accenture survey, 92 percent of respondents agreed that a shift to electronic medical records (EMR) system would reduce health care errors. Not only do an overwhelming majority of healthcare consumers feel to reduce healthcare errors, but 93 percent of respondents feel that the transition to the EHR to improve the overall quality of health care.

This is understandable to anyone who was going to the emergency room and wait for an unspecified amount of time to receive acceptance or appropriate treatment. Part of the reason for the delay is to find the medical records. Doctors are afraid of mistreatment of patients, and avoid hasty treatment of patients who have no records. Electronic medical record (EMR) will move things considerably. An electronic record can be transferred instantly between databases, providing faster and better treatment. Bush went so far says he will save more lives. In fact, it seems EHR is the safest option.

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Health care consumers feel the same way about EHR speed improvement of health care. 78 per cent Accenture survey respondents believe that EHR “will reduce the amount of time patients spend waiting in doctors ‘ offices and emergency rooms.

EHR is “preventative medicine” not only safer but cheaper

Imagine reducing the costs of medical care, as envisioned by President Bush. There can be many reasons why EHR faster, safer and reduces health care costs. Whatever the reason, consumers agree with President Bush. In fact, 75 per cent of survey respondents Accenture also they believe that EHR will cut medical costs.

The change to electronic medical record (EMR) system for many business and Consumer Affairs. “President Bush’s preventive medicine” can provide higher quality health care system safer, faster and cheaper.

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