Get the Facts on LASIK Eye Surgery

Are you one of those unfortunate people don’t seem to see as well as they used to. is near sighted or far sighted? Maybe you also have astigmatism? If this sounds like you, you’ve thought about LASIK eye surgery. LASIK stands for laser-assisted in situ kiratomiliosis. LASIK eye surgery is a procedure that permanently changes the shape of the cornea (the clear covering over the front of the eye). Before you ask, yes they use laser! Before deciding on LASIK eye surgery, you must get the facts on LASIK eye surgery.

First, before you get it, you have to know that if you contact them, you must stop
Wearing several weeks before you go for your primary LASIK eye surgery (makes this exam
Make sure you are a candidate for LASIK). This is because your eye misshapen communications. If you do not
Stop wearing them, your doctor will know how to perform LASIK eye surgery properly. You can
Must have transportation to and from the hospital the day of surgery. This is for you
Can give painkillers and weaken your vision so you don’t pay.

After the LASIK eye surgery, you will have some side effects which last several days. Your
You will itch and burn the eyes. You will feel as if something in the eye. Could also be your eyes
Water. You should never touch your eyes or rub them for several weeks after LASIK eye surgery. To
Protect your eyes, you will have to wear an eye shield during sleep for several weeks.

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Other side effects are much more in the long run. This can occur for six months or longer. And this: dry
The eyes, blurred vision, difficulty seeing at night and light sensitivity, glares and vision
Fluctuations. If you can’t deal with anything, then LASIK eye surgery is not for you.

LASIK eye surgery to many rules that must be followed after surgery. Eye shield was the only one of
Them. Shall not wear eye makeup for at least two weeks. You may not go to the pool or in the whirlpool
Or hot tub for 8 weeks at least. You should also not to play any contact sports for at least 4 weeks.

These are the most important facts you should know about it. Be aware that even if
I wanted to have LASIK eye surgery, your doctor may feel that you are not a candidate
For this procedure. This can be for many reasons will have a doctor to go over with you. Now
If you know the basics of it, take your time and do some research before making
Your resolution.

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