Give up Smoking Today

Cigarette smoker himself knows about the dangers of smoking and that wants to quit smoking and looking for ways to quit smoking. Always a major challenge to quit smoking because nicotine is addictive smoking is enormous. But when you have the will, but of course you can find a way. There are some standard ways to follow, which will help to stop it completely.

Ideal ways to quit smoking

  1. Spend time with people who smoke and places where you can smoke.
  2. Family members are smokers and then placing a sign saying “no smoking please” in your room.
  3. Stay away from caffeinated drinks and consume plenty of water and fruit juices instead.
  4. When you feel an urgent need to smoke a cigarette, take a deep breath and drink a glass of water.
  5. You should be able to keep yourself busy and distract yourself from the idea of it.
  6. Watch movies and ridding a bike, exercise, go for a walk with your dog, call a friend will help drive away the cigarette.

Ways to deal with the crazies

  1. The feeling of nervousness, and if you’re feeling grouchy and keep yourself busy.
  2. In case of headache and dizziness and then you have to sort of exercise.
  3. Enough rest and short programmes do not make you feel tired and helps you to quit from it.
  4. To avoid sore throat and dry mouth need to drink cold water or juice and chewing gum.
  5. To curb the feeling depressed and crying, call a friend and talk to him about issues other than smoking and ways to quit.
  6. To avoid overeating, eating regular meals and drink extra water during meals, chewing gums, sugar and sweet things.
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If you follow the correct methods in your quest to stop it, certainly will be successful throwing cigarettes evil. Quitting it will undoubtedly give you longer and better lives.

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