Gray Hair Causes

At some point in our lives, both men and women experience on the set of “gray hair”. Contrary to popular belief it’s not always old. Young grey hairs can occur, as our teens and range in the late 50 ‘s and even older.

Everyone is different but the hair pigment are created the same way. We breed cells pigments pores called “melanocytes” one of the most important melanin. This gives “color”. When you stop these pigment-producing melanocytes and transparent result. This is against your hair is darker grey appearance gives healthier. In fact not gray but transparent.

The main reason for our hair are behaving this way is genetics. If you start your mom or dad go gray at a young age then chances are you may also suffer from premature gray hair. This is not always the case. Significant role in the process of old greying. The pigment in the hair shaft is created from cells in the hair root and as we get older these cells start producing less pigment so there is no pigment at all, and we end up with transparent hairs.

Graying can also due to a medical condition. If you are suffering from a lack of B12 or suffer from thyroid dysfunction can also cause your hair to go gray.

Sudden onset of grey not because of trauma or trauma. Studies have shown that if this happens it is usually caused by alopecia. What happens here is that the hair thicker, darker stop growing gray hair growth effects before, give the impression of gray overnight. The ultimate causes of alopecia areata hair loss round shaped patches or complete hair loss.

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