Head Injuries Symptoms and Signs

Head Injuries – Human capital is a complex and sensitive part of the body and is critical to the way we live and function. All our bodily systems and from different parts of the brain. For example, motion control and balance the motor cortex and brain stem and cerebellum. Every action that we do, from breathing to scratch our nose, dictated by the gray matter between the ears.

The head is constantly in danger because of its fragility. Many everyday accidents can result in a blow to the head, and several accidents caused by someone else could result in an injury of this type. Even simple accidents like banging your head on a shelf or falling, hold an element of risk. Then the subconscious takes longer than 15 minutes and then it is possible that some quite serious damage could have been done in the brain. While most incidents involving head injury is quite serious and lead to a full recovery, some patient leads after you learn basic life skills and relying on others for a large part of their lives. Rehabilitation is much to revive a patient who has a severe brain injury.

Deadly epidemic among road users

Head injuries are extremely common with about 1 million people attending the annual hospital with moderate to severe injury to the head. Statistics show that every year, out of every 100,000 of the population, between 10 and 15 people suffer from serious injury in the head, 15 to 20 people suffered moderate injury in the head, and between 250 and 300 people, was slightly injured in the head.

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Causes of wide ranging from head injuries but, according to government statistics, about 40 to 50% are the result of a traffic accident. Head injury from a traffic accident also is likely to be dangerous because of the speed and nature of auto accidents and other incidents. Industrial and domestic accidents account sport between 20% and 30% of head injuries, injuries are 10-15% and 10% of assaults.

Head injuries and motorcycle

There is no doubt that the road users most vulnerable motorcyclists. Many other drivers don’t realize this weakness and accidents often occur when riding a motorcycle behind a car in the blind spot.

Road accidents killed or injured in a motorcycle accident speaks for itself.

These are the latest available government statistics, covering the year 2000 (www.dot.gov.uk): “there were two car injury wheels 28,768 users, 2 per cent more than in 2000. The death toll dropped 4 per cent to 581, and the number of seriously injured fell 1 per cent to 6,718. ”

However, this illustrates the huge 24% rise above the baseline 1994/1998 average for all victims of the bike. Or to put it another way. In just one year: a week over 10 passengers died. About 20 critically injured every day. In addition to 400 a week and suffered minor injuries.

According to the Cochrane review entitled ‘ White Helmets to prevent injuries in motorcycle riders ‘: “head injuries following motorcycle accidents, a common cause of mortality and morbidity. It seems intuitive that helmets should be protected against head injuries but have been told that using motorcycle helmet reduces rider vision and increases neck injuries. ” While better safety helmet, a real concern the work of other programs are of paramount importance in the drive to reduce head injuries than motorcyclists.

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There are a lot of people who are left suffering and pain after a traffic accident, especially motorcyclists. While they are in the minority on the high road of accidents involving motorcycles. Driver error and accidents are often not difficult to prove negligence.

When someone had an accident was someone else’s fault and that could prove legally then entitled to claim compensation for their suffering. When you are injured due to someone else it qualifies as personal injury and your losses and suffering. Serious head injuries and often life threatening. May be people whose lives changed forever. Help at hand for people in this position as personal injury compensation can be requested. In addition, you can recover medical costs and rehabilitation from the insurance company of the person who caused the accident.

Need to know more about road safety and awareness of motorcyclists with other road users. While prevention is better than cure, however there are many specialized services available to the people who suffer from head injury.

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