Head Lice Treatment

Your children get head lice is probably one of the worst Parent fears and yet it is one of the most common health problems. If your children are growing up without catching them ever been really lucky.Head lice cannot jump, and crawl from face to face and that is why it is so common among children who tend to sit close to each other. If your child gets wise to wash all the family and treating the furniture where it could fall on their heads, but healthy lice tend to stay on the heads instead of moving. However will spread sharing combs or brushes, where lice were removed during combing them.

Life cycle of lice. Lice eggs or nits are attached to the hair near the scalp and very difficult to remove. Hatch in 7 to 10 days, reach adulthood in the last 6 to 10 days. Then she lived for the last 20 days laying about 10 eggs per day.

Head lice are difficult to treat and prevent the recurrence of the injury, there is a need for vigilance to ensure no eggs to hatch. Not everyone actually gets his head itch so if someone in the family is infected you must verify all the Presidents. Some people find the idea very terrible, when she became infected with my granddaughter shakes my daughter when she was trying to remove them. As an elementary school teacher I had seen many infected children erupted.

Unfortunately become immune lice to chemotherapy, and many parents prefer home treatment head lice anyway. One solution is to use Hair Conditioner, leave it for a while, then combed the wacky comb. If you can scan the comb on a piece of tissue will see head lice even if they are not visible on his head. This should be repeated every 3 days for at least two weeks to ensure that any newly hatched eggs harvested. Personally I found that olive oil, which we left overnight after combing, worked better, leaving hair in Nice condition. Nonetheless, recurrent problem and finally I bought a battery-operated flea comb designed for pets that we found very effective. I have noticed that this is now advertising for head lice. If you want to use one, verify that the manufacturer and ensure that they are safe to use on children. We must always remember that the baby’s skin is very sensitive.

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Whatever method you choose, do not convince, as soon as you get rid of head lice, keep checking to make sure they didn’t come back.

Advice on health matters should always ensure that the doctor is accepting any responsibility for actions taken.

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