Hearing Impaired in the Workplace

Hearing impaired are can be a real challenge in the workplace. The biggest problem is the lack of understanding of the problem, usually the person with hearing impairment was reluctant to admit the truth.

When in one case one might be okay, especially if there is little background noise. In case the person may hear hearing crowd, but don’t understand, 50% or more of what is said. Can be very frustrating in meetings etc.

Sound consists of frequency and volume is measured in DB. This sound is converted into the ear of the electrical impulses to the brain. Many things can happen to keep the sound from reaching the brain.

Hearing Impaired – Say someone is saying the letter “A”. That “a” frequency is determined by the voice box and vocal that speaks. The sound comes out into the room and mixes with the noise in the room. A normal person has hearing loss in both ears a little problem understanding the letter “A”.

But can’t identify a person who has the hearing in one ear only, where the sound comes from. And the brain to work twice as hard to deal with this sound.

It’s a matter of information. With two ears twice the information available to the brain.

Same with someone from the percentage of hearing loss hearing loss, for whatever reason, reduces the amount of information available for the brain to process.

Hearing Impaired – Regular voice processing may permit the letter “A” with a lot of this information, 0110110110011011 in the brain while the damaged ear just might send this much,-11011-and therefore the brain to look for more evidence on what that information really.

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If you notice someone with hearing loss does everything possible to collect evidence or information to assist in the process of listening. Below are some things:

Looking at your face or lips while you talk.
Turning their heads up to face a good ear speaker
Cupping the ear by hand
Remember even hearing aid doesn’t work as well as so ordinary performance.

I hope this helps you understand what really hearing loss.

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