Heavy Metal Toxicity and Treatment

Metal Toxicity – Mercury toxicity-are you at risk?

Metal Toxicity – Heavy metal articles everywhere, particularly in industrialized countries. There are 16 heavy metals test doctors routinely. Autoimmune diseases more than 1900 now associated with heavy metal toxicity. Autoimmune diseases and immune dysfunction syndromes and resistance to treatment conditions associated with this type of chronic poisoning. Recently in peer reviewed medical journal know guys with mercury toxicity as being more than twice as likely to have a heart attack than those with normal levels (non-toxic). Chronic heavy metal toxicity and treatment was the subject of much controversy in the medical and dental communities and continues to this day. There are studies offered by both sides for how big or small it is human health. American College for the advancement of Medicine (akkam) which this year is celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary because he is an American Medical Association study of heavy metal toxicity and treatments (essentially chelation therapy). As a member, attended the annual meeting in November 2002 in Phoenix, and was convinced of the evidence on the basis of international medical literature and data to consider this treatment in my private practice.

Closer to home, the subject of mine and it was the lack of expected results with extensive food and traditional medicine remedies (which was taking a lot of pharmaceuticals). Persisted in immune expression of weakness and discover a huge number even had symptoms caused her resistance. Mercury toxicity. This article will focus on mercury.

Tons of mercury industry contributes to our environment annually. For example, coal power plants are responsible for 35 per cent a load dumped into our environment, and burning medical waste is responsible for 30%, and then there are sources such as dental fillings (~ 50% of dental silver amalgam is actually mercury [Hg]). Another source is thimirisol, the mercury-based preservative in vaccines, injections and contact lens solutions. The water we drink is taking in this poison as the fish we eat. Large fish, such as swordfish and shark biggest reservoirs of mercury. Still salmon, tuna, mackerel and bass has proven to have higher levels of 1.0 parts per billion (ppb) FDA limit. To draw a clearer picture, 1.0 part per billion of mercury is still 20,000 mercury molecules in each cell.

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How does this happen? Mercury is released into the atmosphere as vapor from industry that can travel miles till he comes to Earth in precipitation (rain) water enters the soil. Subsequently, inorganic mercury organic mercury-bacteria transformed, and is soluble in fat and freely pass through cell membranes, across the blood-brain barrier and the placenta contaminate many organs of the body. The same storage in our cells, fat, particularly our minds. If you have mercury fillings, mercury vapor is released then eating or drinking hot liquids or even brushing your teeth. Inhaled into our lungs that vapors and enter the body of that defeat and also being swallowed. Obviously, those that are fortified with thimirisol containing vaccines exposed him from that source. Environmental scientist farce is over the use of mercury containing anti-vongals in Africa’s agriculture industry, which launches 100 tons of mercury laden vongasidals in the year evaporate and travels through the atmosphere in weather patterns, you will find that in the end the road to American soil.

What are the symptoms of mercury toxicity? Major symptoms include headaches, body pain, numbness, tingling, trouble with memory, trouble with concentration and gait and balance disorder, various abnormalities of the endocrine and digestive disorders. Also included are a number of autoimmune disorders, immune dysfunction, such as diabetes and arthritis, and multiple sclerosis and Lupus Erythematosus. Also on the list are CFIDS, fibromyalgia, disease, endometriosis and RSD.

How to get tested? A very simple test study is made by using poetry. Hair and nails are repositories for mercury (and other heavy metals), and is relatively inexpensive scan tool. Heavy metals 16 along with good elements analyzed, will cost about $ 160. If there are high levels of mercury in hair analysis noted, then, is the challenge test Chelation or provocation. This is where the agent is Chelation (material pulls heavy metals from the body) in a single dose and is collected by Paul 6 hours. Chelating agent (usually DMSA) drag mercury, for example, from your cells and excretes them. DMSA, while FDA approved to detoxify lead, has been used to “label off” for mercury toxins. There are other factors like breeding and D-penicillamine used as well.

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So if I have a high level what next? If the test is positive provocation, then begin Chelation cycle spring to rid the body of heavy metals. Unfortunately, the mercury half life of between 20 and 30 years, mercury deposits faster than the body can get rid of it. Therefore, chelation therapy is necessary to cure this type of poisoning. Periodically, the challenges for tracking progress. Further steps to find the source of pollution and avoid it, remove the old mercury fillings and replacing them with non-toxic ceramic fillings and be careful when dealing with fish and seafood that you consume. Vitamin c in high doses is useful alone or in combination with DMSA chelating the mercury. Other food recommendations to replace the sulfhydryl group containing glutathione and amino acids, and due to the high affinity of methylmercury compounds (liver actually produces small amounts of mercury through ducts in the stool), even hinder people suffering from liver disease in their ability to produce even small amounts of mercury.

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