High Blood Pressure or Hypertension

I’ve probably had high blood pressure for a long time. This is the story of how he discovered.

In hindsight, I can identify many of the symptoms of high blood pressure, but I either ignored or thought it was related to other things.

And was the main symptom was headaches. Most days will either wake up with a headache, or develop one. Some real “head crack”. Sometimes being forced to lie on stop nausea. Remember, often working in front of a computer and trying hard not to move my head to avoid feeling sharp pains.

Since being diagnosed with high blood pressure and medications beginning, I haven’t had a single headache (about nine months from now). Me headaches definitely caused me high blood pressure, but then again I think they were due to stress, or poor posture because you sit in front of a computer all day. Or any number of things.


For years doctors have stated that high blood pressure, but perhaps due to the effect of “white coat.” And it turns out it wasn’t. I went to a new doctor, as she took my blood pressure, it’s a very worried look on her face.

Systolic blood pressure reading was more than 200.

He told me to go to the hospital immediately, and made me promise to ignore the warning. At the time I thought it was excessive, I photographed myself sitting in the waiting room at the emergency hospital for a few hours, waiting for a doctor to see me, giving me two pills to take, and home address.

The actual story was very different.

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In emergency situations, and was given the standard form “details of the patient” to fill. Before it was 1/3 way through, a nurse taking blood pressure. Also it’s got a worried look on her face, and it took me directly to one of the beds. This famous hospital system to make people wait hours in emergencies.

Doctors were all over me. Injections, taking blood, flushed and me and God knows what else.

Suddenly feeling my memory of that day very light headed.

Later the doctor told me that “I liked” drugs (I think it was Hydralazine) inject me. I say “likes” for he could only think “doctor I liked.” In about 30 seconds I went from feeling what then is considered normal, drenched in sweat and spinning head and opens me lunch. The nurses told me later he was white as a ghost.

I remember asking one emergency nurses if she thought to be able to come home that night. She laughed.

Ended up spending four days in intensive care, and six days in the hospital before they let me go home.

Quality of care and the doctors and nurses were all amazing. We have free hospital system in Australia, which sometimes gets a bad rap, but my experience was very positive.


Never found the reason. I just have high blood pressure. I take a fair bit of medication and blood pressure now on normal levels.

My doctor told me to buy a blood pressure log me readings every day. Because I kept forgetting that my readings, I wrote a computer program to remind me. The program also draws readings of the main screen, and obviously he was dropping my readings over the past six months.

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Readings are now about 110-120 over 70-80. Much better, but more importantly, I feel a lot better. I had no idea that high blood pressure can make you feel unwell even.

If you also have high blood pressure and wish you well! If you haven’t seen a doctor about it, recommend it. Don’t leave it to late as I did, can help you feel much better!

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