Home Remedies and Prevention from Sinus Infections

Sinus infections can be continuous and very tired. This article covers some very successful home remedies for prevention and treatment of sinusitis collected and developed over the years. Using all of these methods on a regular basis, and no longer have any problems with my sinuses (or colds and flu either!).

Let us start with prevention. One of the best ways to prevent sinus infections is keeping your sinus areas (forehead and cheek) mucous membranes moist and warm. Especially important to maintain warm cheeks and forehead when you sleep. Keeping a towel, a hat or scarf to warm these areas as you sleep can really help. This is also a great treat if you have sinusitis.

In addition, using a humidifier in the room where you sleep is an excellent way to prevent and treat a sinus infection. These two suggestions can help prevent your problem alone, but if not, there’s a lot of supplements and foods that you can take to keep your immune system in tip top condition to treat and prevent sinus problems.

Use a natural nasal spray with salt and yeast and has helped me a lot. Prescribed to treat this House’s water glass, ΒΌ teaspoon salt and a pinch of yeast. Make sure that you use bottled water really clean or filtered water, and could make things worse. Shake the mixture well and put it in a spray bottle nose clean. This is also an excellent home remedy for allergies. You can use this nasal spray several times a day; it is surprisingly effective and also cheap!

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Vitamins and foods such as home remedies for the treatment and prevention of sinus infections

Vitamins, minerals and supplements make great home remedies for sinus infections and of course it will also help to prevent it. And I’m sure you’re aware that vitamin c is good, but more importantly get some vitamin c from fresh foods. A recent study found that vitamin c from natural foods is a much stronger effect on keeping the immune system healthy than c (almost all c buy as a supplement in the store is made).

C home therapy a few high foods for the prevention and treatment of sinus infections are citrus (oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, lemons) and Kiwi, cabbage, broccoli and berries. Vitamin c good natural decongestant will help dry inflamed nasal passages due to colds and sinus infections. Eat the whole peeled Orange each day during the winter to prevent colds and sinus infections. The white part and the pulp is very good for you, is better than orange juice.

Does your supplement contains vitamin c Bioflavonoids? This type of home remedy another important nutrients to maintain healthy mucous membranes and restore the immune system. You can find the supplements in your health food store or get them naturally in the white part of citrus, as well as in the pulp.

Another very important supplement vitamin a (beta carotene). It helps to maintain the health of your skin and mucus membranes. Don’t take more than 5000 IU daily doses of cause there can be problems. Make sure you buy a supplement derived from natural source (usually fish oil, synthetic vitamin A is not recommended). Natural vitamin a found in eggs and dairy products, liver and some fish.

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Do you take a supplement carotene derived naturally mixed every day? Beta carotene is no longer enough. Several other carotenoids (lutein, lycopene, Alpha-carotene) important or more so than beta. Especially want to be sure that you can get natural versions of these supplements, not synthetic. Recent research shows that artificial carotenes may not help much at all and may be bad for you. Just make sure that the label refers to natural resources (such as Palm fruit). Carrots, yams and colorful fruits and vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, all the berries, chard, lettuce, squash, tomatoes, winter carotene-rich.

Minerals and other supplements for the treatment and prevention of sinus infections

Several minerals are important in keeping your immune system in top shape as well. Zinc is the most important of these home remedies. Many people take zinc lozenges when getting a sinus infection, but if you take zinc beforehand, you can completely avoid aunblisantnis that he’s sick. Another important dimension of the mineral selenium. Do not take large amounts of these minerals as it can be toxic in larger doses.

Another sequel known home remedy but too little value for sinus infections is n-acetylcysteine or NAC, is a powerful antioxidant which form of cysteine amino acids. It helps to increase supply in the body for a very important enzyme, glutathione contributes greatly to the immune system as it reduces congestion.

A few other immune system home remedies to consider are raw garlic, flaxseed and flaxseed oil, Echinacea, grape extract and chlorella/Spirulina. Don’t forget about the raw fresh fruit and vegetables. It may seem boring because everyone tells you to eat your fruits and veggies but is the truth. A very healthy raw foods. It contains all natural enzymes and nutrients that are cooked foods prepared almost entirely.

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People who eat mostly raw foods tend to stay healthier than people who eat a lot of foods cooked and ready. Home best treatment for sinusitis, can go to your local grocery store and look at all the raw foods tempting you’ll find there. Then take some home and a big salad with fruits or vegetables, enjoy!

In winter, you can buy many types of frozen fruits to use in smoothies or eat with yogurt. Frozen fruit still has a lot of great nutrients to maintain good health. Before adding any supplements or changing your diet, consult your doctor.

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