How Addictive Are Cigarettes?

Cigarettes – People usually use the word addiction concerning smoking habits, as if to throw up their hands and say “see I’m addicted, I’m powerless to resist, and nothing I can do.”

However, Deputy joint belief that nicotine addiction is no official final State laboratory study that nicotine is very addictive.

Not addictive? Really?

When people are really addicted to substances such as heroin or cocaine you see common factor. When this deprives the body malfunctions addicts. Now, that body is not a malfunction when you stop smoking. Leaving thousands of everyday people and their bodies do not experience any physical withdrawal symptoms that you may see a real addiction. It simply didn’t happen.

For example, nobody wakes up in the night needing a cigarette. After will alert the heroin and cocaine addicts at night to strike just to be able to get back to sleep.

And what about the movie? Everyone can easily see a good movie in a theatre, cinema and sit through the entire show without a cigarette but maybe a smoker claiming to find it difficult to go 2 hours without smoking!

Ah, you might say. “-Why then everybody thought that cigarette addiction?”

Now.. I’m not into conspiracy theories here, but let us think for a moment about the interest in you to think that cigarettes are addictive. There is only one. Tobacco companies!

Just think what is great tool for marketing any product!

Convince the buyer that they can’t live without it

But the main point.

And if you’re addicted to cigarettes to deactivate your body without them.
You know that your body doesn’t malfunction without cigarettes.
Therefore it is not a physical addiction.

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