How Do Toric Lens Work?

Before I could ask “how toric lens work”, we really need to understand what they do and what they were created for.

It can be soft toric, meaning they are made of soft plastic that can change their shape to fit the shape of the eye. This is the opposite of hard (gas permeable-GP) lenses that rigid in construction. Turek lens, where it was designed to help correct the astigmatism.

What is astigmatism?

Astigmatism can take two forms, but it is usually understood to mean light malfunction caused by misshabing of the cornea or lens. Secular one with plain round in shape, just like a ball. In astigmatik, the shape is different, and the ends of the cornea. More American football or rugby ball shaped. What happens then is that the light hits the cornea in two places instead of one. Due to it’s astigmatik eye has a steeper curve and flatter due to the shape of the cornea. This is called corneal astigmatism.

Sometimes, astigmatism is the result of a fiber-optic lens on irregularly, which is located behind the cornea. This is called lenticular astigmatism.

Effect on the sufferer is the same thing though. Astigmatism reflected a bit of visibility, but can also cause headaches and eye pain.

How is it different to other contact lenses toric lens?

When you place a contact lens in the eye, the lens sits on top of a water film. If not, your eyes will be dry, it will cause you discomfort. Because the lens on the liquid, you can rotate, but not astigmatix, this is not really a problem. However, in astigmatik, the lens you need to stay in order to correct astigmatism. Toric lens, this is accomplished by weighting the lens so it is not heavier than the top down. Of course, this means that the bottom of the lens will always point downward, ensure that a prescription lens works properly.

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There is one other difference to normal through one lens toric, so that the lens prescription two-in-one. One will correct astigmatism, and others will correct nearsightedness or long sightedness (depending on what you have).

Because of the nature of more complex lens toric, they are often more expensive than conventional lenses.

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