How To Increase Your Energy

Energy – Fatigue quickly becoming new disease of the 21st century. According to the book ‘ plan on 28 ‘ lack of energy can be attributed to: bad diet, excessive alcohol, lack of sleep and smoking. In addition we know that stress could zap our energy leaving us feeling tired. How can we get more energy in our lives?

One of the best ways to boost your energy intake energy-producing foods such as porridge, muesli, fish, poultry, lean lamb, bananas, dried fruit, fresh fruit, fresh vegies, potato bread and wheat foods, fresh juices, water, soy milk, seeds and nuts. Foods to reduce coffee, tea, cheese, cows, beef/pork, sugary foods, pastries, biscuits, chips, white flour foods, soft drinks and chocolate (Oh no!).

Other tips in the 28-day plan to raise and restore energy:

(1)-hibernation-take 20 minutes a day for quiet time. Thinking no one and nothing. Lie down and listen to some of your favorite music or close your eyes and drift off to a beautiful island.

(2)-breath five minutes doing some deep breathing. Sit on the floor with comfortable clothing. Close your eyes and breathe in slowly through your nose and hold for a count of five and exhaling slowly to count 5.

(3)-laughter is laughter. Watch funny videos or tell a funny joke. Refer to the last newsletter for more tips.

(4)-realize most of us sleep we need eight hours of sleep more than interest. Some other tips for sleeping with the window open a bit (be very security-conscious). The mattress firm and supportive enough pillows. Eat at least 5 hours before going to bed. Go to bed at the same time every night. Relax before bed.

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(5)-treat yourself to go out and treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet of flowers (or choose some of your garden). Have a massage, give yourself a face or bubble bath, and out of herbal tea with a friend.

(6)-did some stretching and flexing of the body at the beginning of each day.

7. exercise for 30 minutes every day. Some practical ideas: walking, jogging, cycling, skipping, bouncing (trampoline), swimming, cleaning and gardening. Having the health check before starting any exercise program.


Until you get it. Using this information and tips to start putting more energy back to your day!

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