How to Keep The Public Safe From Felons

The criminal code includes various rules that could cause the prosecution of a person for acts identified by the Government as crimes. Persons convicted of a criminal offence will be imprisoned, fined, or both. Means an offence violating public laws established by the Federal Government, State or local government. These include crimes such as murder and rapes as well as offences such as theft or jaywalking. Most crimes are punishable by imprisonment for one year and two years while misdemeanors punishable by less than a year into the slammer or other lighter punishments, such as community services depending on the weight and type of offence committed.

Ancient civilizations like Sumerians were I to write laws and codes but does not distinguish the civil and criminal codes. Most violations of written laws that punished accordingly with corporal punishment such as whipping or caning, confinement, which may vary from day to day life, house arrest or compensation, or implementation. It also developed written laws and civil laws distinguish criminal laws, criminal penalties according to five goals:

  • Retribution-the aspect of making criminals pay for their crimes by placing them in some unpleasant disadvantage
  • Deterrence-this program aims to sufficiently punish the offender to dissuade him and other criminals from committing the crime and other criminal conduct
  • -Inability to take criminals away from society so that the public can be safe from them. Prison sentences, as well as death sentences serve this purpose.
  • Rehabilitation involves turning the offender to a better citizen.
  • Reply-this program is intended to repair any harm caused to the victim by the offender, such as paying for property damaged or misappropriated funds.
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Various crimes which fall under the criminal law statute:

  • Appellate law
  • White collar crime
  • Bribery
  • Counterfeiting and forgery.
  • Embezzlement
  • Cheat
  • Health care fraud
  • Government fraud
  • Murder/homicide
  • Tax evasion
  • Violent crime
  • Theft and property
  • Drugs and crime
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Felony child abuse

In the United States, begin prosecutions for criminal code crimes complaints issued by a judge or an indictment issued by a grand jury. However, requiring federal courts criminal indictment or formal charge based on the fifth amendment “United States Constitution”. Moreover, the “sixth amendment” criminal defendant with the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury of the State in both State and federal courts, for nature and cause of the accusation, to be confronted with the witnesses against him, to obtain witnesses in his favor, giving the right to a lawyer to defend him but he could defend himself and working as a lawyer.

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