How to Stop Smoking Easily

Stop Smoking – Is there any adventure or fun in smoking? Absolutely not! Don’t be fooled by the fun packed cigarette advertisements make companies. There is no “taste”, “fun” and “adventure” in not smoking cigarettes. These are mere slogans cigarette making companies that multiply their profits at the expense of human life is precious.

Stop Smoking – Cigarette manufacturers billions of multinational greed kills people quietly without being noticed by anyone. According to the World Health Organization report, every 6.5 seconds someone dies in the world prematurely due to cancer, heart attacks, respiratory or other type of tobacco related diseases. Undoubtedly, tobacco is the fourth most common risk factor for disease worldwide.

Stop Smoking – If you are a smoker then give serious thought for a moment and decide if you’re OK mentally. I doubt very much you spend money to buy an item that is not only risking your life unintentionally invite many diseases to attack your body but also risk the lives of others who have to inhale second hand smoke, which are more dangerous than smoking. If you smoke inside your House then you can also risk the life of your spouse and children. Is it a wise decision to keep smoking?Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking – Say no to smoking, if you want to live a normal healthy life free of disease. Why not take a bold decision now and quit smoking immediately! Are you ready to do this?

Stop Smoking – Tobacco use is going to kill about 10 million people each year, mostly in the middle ages on productivity. It is estimated that 75 per cent of these deaths occurred in developing countries, mainly because of the high number of smokers, a lack of medical facilities available there.

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Stop Smoking – Due to lack of knowledge and education, is to increase the number of smokers in developing countries and poor households at an alarming rate. A written warning is ignored on cigarette smokers are mostly illiterate. Sadly, the average poor household expenditure on tobacco is almost the same as the amount spent on education. A recent study demonstrated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to educate more people, they smoke less.

Your health is your best asset. Protect your life painful tobacco related diseases. Living a healthy and happy life, say no to smoking.

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