How Your Symptoms Stop Healing

Symptoms – I know everybody almost unconsciously (without knowledge and without blame) created physical symptoms as a result of misdirected thinking. There’s an old expression that many of us from time to time, “I can1t deal with this right now, where you will be putting it behind me.”

Well, guess what? Where to go these words? She goes to the body-back or muscle or various other places. The following case studies are actual clients have worked with, or worked with other close friends of mine.

Issue # 1

Bill in the late 1950s and came to me massage. He said everything was fine for a man his age and wanted a massage.

And Bill after the session in tears. I asked him if everything was OK. He said, “this is the first time I’ve lost in the past 10 years, body pain. His tears were tears of joy and release a lot of “stuff” that is stored only in the body.

I explained to Bill those moments in our lives that we are not ready to look at and just “put behind me” goes to the body. If someone passes away, we’re not dealing with loss and grief, it gets to the store when we are ready to release it. All an unhappy relationship, divorce, breakup or Tan people can get trapped in your body.

In the next three months I worked with Bill every week. Bill told me we’ve got three months for courses that reduced his medication by half; changed from being retired to a semi retired and working part time (because now out from pain); he might come back again.

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Case # 2

One day Alice w if she walk him over to Marc (neighbor Street). Alice didn’t like mark, but that didn1t want to tell her husband. Instead, she said, “I don1t feel much like walking today.” as a sign of good friends and Jorge, Jorge went mostly to visit mark. It was every time he would ask his wife and usually reply the same. Don’t say “hurt my leg I don1t walk”.

Extra time, both Georges and Alice forgot that walk “Alice”. Don’t develop arthritis in the knees and legs and became bed-ridden. I don’t know the conclusion isn’t, but it is important to know that words have power.

Can show our choices of words any health condition. If Alice went to the health professional, health condition could have been reduced or eliminated.

These two studies the case real examples to see it is possible to move from one place of physical symptoms to a place of healing. I hope these examples will take a moment and ask yourself, “I am ready to release my symptoms and be open to heal?”

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