Improve Your Health While Saving Money on Pure Water

Bottled water is the answer?

Pure Water – There is nothing more important to our health than drinking plenty of pure water. All complex biochemical functions in our bodies depend on this article. By Lo-many operations in our cells, it is necessary to absorb and transport all nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. It is also important in eliminating waste and toxins from the body. In a time in which we are exposed to increasing levels of environmental toxins from food, air, water, conventional wisdom “drink six to eight glasses of water a day for optimum health” is more important than ever.

Unfortunately, as most people know now, most polluted drinking water sources with a variety of poisons. As a result, increasing numbers of people are now using water filters and spend large amounts of money annually on bottled water.

Pure Water – It’s not widely known, however, that the FDA study reported that 31 per cent of 52 brands of bottled water tested were tainted with bacteria. Similarly, the study found, “the National Council for the defense of resources” 103 brands of bottled water is about a third of them contain pollution levels-including synthetic organic chemicals, bacteria and arsenic. Moreover, there is growing evidence that xenoestrogens can leach from plastic bottles of water when they are stored for long periods in very hot or cold environments.

Many Americans, despite spending more than $ 1,000 a year on bottled water, you may still be exposing themselves to a significant level of toxins. These two facts combined provide a major incentive to look at new alternative to bottled water. Called “wellness water.”

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A brief history of spa water

Pure Water – About 30 years ago Naito Haru Japan left to attend the “State University of New York.” After winning the NCAA Swimming Championships there, he returned to Japan to coach “national swimming team” in Japan. Through his dedication to improve the performance of his swimmers, he became involved in sports medicine. His Valley to start investigating unusual levels of health and vitality and longevity of certain ethnic groups, including in Hunza, Pakistan. ”

As a result of extensive research with this group, he concluded that the extraordinary health and longevity largely because of the water supply. Through careful analysis of these waters, he discovered that some unique features as a result of being filtered through the minerals of volcanic origin.

Pure Water – During the following years, he continued to investigate the effects of filtering water through volcanic minerals similar in Japan so that he developed with properties very similar to those that discover it with Hunza water. The final outcome of the ongoing research is to develop “wellness filter.”

After trading the numerous and consistent reports throughout Japan about the health benefits of drinking water that had been conditioned by this filter, the Japanese Health Ministry conducted careful scientific test of this filter. This resulted in unprecedented government support for the filter. Now installed in more than 100 hospitals in Japan, and has been legally licensed one of its components in Japan as metal.

Was introduced to the United States for the first time in 2000. Research here has added more documentation for the many health benefits of this improved water wellness, “not only to humans but also to cows and chickens. (You can see a link to a summary of extensive Internet search by clicking on the URL provided at the end of this article).

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How to get your spa water supply portable

Pure Water – Most recently, he became “wellness filter” available in 16 oz. Wellness improved sport water bottle. By using this unique bottle, turning ordinary tap water immediately improved water purification. Not only is this pure water at least as best bottled water, it also changes the water so that: 1) increases the ease of assimilation, help the body in absorbing nutrients and eliminates toxins; 2) adds trace minerals to cellular health; 3) Ion adds to the influence of antioxidant and anti aging.

In additon to that it is superior in every way to bottled water, “wellness” is also much less expensive. Depending on the particular type of bottled water is used as the comparison of prices, the savings can range from $ 160 to over $ 1000 per year.

Finally, using “enhanced water bottle” this wellness sport as an alternative to bottled water eliminates the expense and burden on the environment to get rid of plastic bottles almost 1,000 per person per year.

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