Insomnia and Bright Light Therapy

Insomnia – Using light as a therapeutic tool has a long history, with reports from the Sun is used to treat depression and lethargy over 2000 years ago in ancient Greece and Rome. Using light therapy today but largely stems from research conducted in the 1980s that looked into a spiral of depression and other problems associated with changes in the seasons.

And regulates many functions in the body internal clock running on the pattern repeated almost every 24 hours and gives rhythm to our lives. Indeed, this is often referred to as sirkadian rhythm in the body, from Latin, ‘ circa die ‘ meaning ‘ one day ‘.

Unlike the kitchen an hour or wrist watch, however, which are more often than not by batteries these days, is essentially a chemical clock hours your device is powered by a variety of different environmental factors, Chief among them is a plan alternating between daylight to darkness.

In simple terms, dark fall body senses it sends signals, close many functions in the body in preparation for sleep. Similarly, it is daytime again sent signals to these same tasks to start again.

How can we apply this knowledge to cure insomnia?

There are three main types of insomnia-first, or the beginning of sleep, insomnia (difficulty sleeping), Middle insomnia (trouble staying asleep all night) and insomnia, or terminal, (waking up very early in the morning). The first and the last of these three light therapy can be particularly useful.

If the initial insomnia often turning your device’s clock so that, instead of sending chemical signals to start off at say 10 or 11:00 pm in the evening, your body starts sending messages to maybe one or two o’clock in the morning.

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Similarly, in May 07:00 am in the morning, when you should begin your day, not yet started sending signals ‘ wake up ‘ the hour of your machine and will not do so for probably the last three or four hours.

To resolve this problem, reset your computer clock, bright light therapy can be used in the morning to get going. If you use bright light therapy for maybe 30 minutes to an hour every morning for a few days, gradually shift your internal body clock to align itself with your regular sleep routine.

The same treatment can be applied in case of insomnia. In this case also set your device clock early that tell you to go to bed before that time to do so, as well as getting up very early.

Here, bright light therapy can be used again to reset your body clock, but now needs to be applied in the evening rather than the morning.

Although bright light therapy are used increasingly for insomnia treatment remains a secondary form much of the treatment and the importance that it deserves. But she’s making progress in treating insomnia associated with two specific problems, and those of shift work disorder, perhaps only a matter of time before it becomes much more widely used form of treatment for insomnia.

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