The Long Goodbye that is Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease severity, disease slowly and stealthily takes hold in neurons in the brain. Because the degenerative condition, early symptoms gradually overrun by cutting more; one by one attacking nerve cells.

Although the disease is fatal in the end, this is only the roughest. For many who suffer this means not being able to remember their wives, and their sons and daughters, all while their personality slips away in one of their loved ones. For these reasons, the case of Alzheimer’s harder for those left behind, who must say goodbye to longer life.

Some symptoms that affect patients with dementia and short and long term memory loss, but rapid deterioration of language and cognitive processes. The worst part is that there is no known cure for this condition. It was found that the condition affects people over the age of 65, and sadly he found the disease is increasing and is accelerating rapidly. The World Health Organization and the World Health Organization is not susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease remains a mystery too. Indeed, scientists today still find difficult to diagnose; mainly because early symptoms too casually passed as “aging”.

  • As already mentioned there is no cure for the disease and treatments are designed to relieve symptoms.
  • To control the cognitive symptoms by patients: Aricept waksilon Razadyne
  • Severe symptoms are: Memantine

Behavioral problems can be treated through a combination of medication and a series of advanced care strategies that can reduce the behavioral triggers.

Until you live through this life changing situation, one cannot understand how it could be difficult for caregivers. Exhausting and stressful and overwhelming emphasis; so many lovers quite often feel confused and unable to accept change in relationship and deal with many demands and responsibility of the extruder. It is critical that nurtures their care providers physical and mental well being.

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