A Look at Cold Sore Treatments

Is There a Cure For Cold Sores?

Cold Sore Treatments – One question in the minds of many people who often suffer from cold sores, there is a cure for cold sores? “Unfortunately, the answer is no. But while there is no cure cold sores, there are many preventive measures you can take people keep outbreaks of cold to a minimum.

Some of these include prevention not to kiss people who now have cold sores, protect lips from prolonged exposure to sunlight, use a lip balm with Sun block lipstick at all times and avoid personal triggers that could lead to a cold sore outbreak. Follow these procedures will not guarantee that someone will not be another cold sore, but it will reduce the likelihood of having another outbreak.

It’s a good idea to avoid any close contact such as kissing with anyone who has a cold sore now. Although people can spread the virus HSV-1 causing the cold sore even when they didn’t have a cold sore, it’s much more likely to spread when there is an ulcer. It is recommended not to share any items with people who use cold sores. Can carry items such as toothbrushes and razors and towels and cutlery virus HSV-1.

It’s also a good idea to protect the lips from the Sun. People should wear lip balm containing sunscreen at all times to prevent any burning or drying. Even with the mass of the Sun, people must still limit the amount of direct sunlight getting their lips. It is recommended to wear a hat or stay in the shade keep lips from getting too much sun.

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It seems some foods lead to outbreaks of cold in some people. Foods and beverages containing caffeine such as chocolate, coffee and soft drinks makes some people more susceptible to cold sore outbreaks. People who are allergic to these substances must define their consumption to reduce the risk of a cold sore outbreak.

There is no cure cold sores, but take these precautions can greatly reduce the likelihood of a cold sore outbreak. Anyone with a weakened immune system is at risk for cold sores, but many of these preventive measures can be effective.

A Look at Cold Sore Treatments

Cold sores usually disappear without any sort of medication in about a week to ten days. Many people choose to wait outside these cold sores, just ignore them until they go away. Others decide that ten days is too long to be big and painful and embarrassing facial blemish near the mouth and search for drugs or other treatments to facilitate dealing with the cold sore. There are many different types of cold sore treatment available, antiviral pills for over the counter and prescription creams. Many people also use traditional pain relievers such as aspirin and acetaminophen as cold sore treatment.

Cold sore sufferers are often advised first breakout antiviral medication. These pills are only obtainable by prescription, even cold sore sufferer should consult a doctor first. Cold sore medications such as acyclovir or [famsklovir can ease pain and reduce healing time of cold sore. antivirals are most effective if people start it when the cold sore appears first.

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There are several types of creams used to treat cold sores. Creams containing dokosanol particularly useful. Dokosanol is used to combat virus HSV-1 that causes cold sores and is pain relief as well as help heal the cold sore. Other species include cold sore treatment creams designed to numb the area around the cold sore creams and moisturizer that helps to stimulate the skin around the cold sore. Lip balm can prevent a cold sore from cracking open.

Many conventional pain relief medications such as acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen cold sore treatments are great. These drugs treat inflammation, provide pain relief. While there is no cure for cold sores, there are several types of cold sore treatment that makes having a cold sore experience shorter and more bearable.

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