Look at Human Pheromones

Human Pheromones – Pheromones are essentially chemical messengers produced by animals that affect other animals. Usually lead to communicate something about the territory and reproduction and parenting, a risk, or even with a rival. All animals from insects to humans pheromones and have a powerful influence on behavior. Even pheromones have been classified according to their uses in three categories:

Primer pheromones shift in hormonal balance in receiver; pheromones editor producing certain patterns of behavior such as heroes or attraction; and finally, convey information pheromones product information to the recipient, including health, fertility, and so on.

Human pheromones are constantly studying the scientists try to understand how that affects us. Some scientists claim that the organ responsible for detecting pheromones in most mammals, the vomeronasal organ, almost nonexistent in humans, we have evolved to the point where you no longer use this chemical signal human scent. Other scientists dispute this with evidence from trials that human pheromones have a strong impact on other humans, can change the cycle of ovulation for women perceived attractiveness and potential mates. Experiments have shown that females using male human race react to male pheromones by increasing their sessions rich and delay the start of menopause.

Human pheromones were examined vehicle such as androstenedione wastratitrainol, used topically, show that the increased frequency of sosiosikswal behavior in the participants use pheromones versus placebo. These results have helped launch a variety of products that claim to have put “” pheromone to attract women “in a bottle, or vice versa. Some of these products are no doubt simply fragrance in the water, but other that contain pheromones actually vehicle has been designed to work effectively. The warning seems to rely on psychological effects and social factors also strongly influence human behavior. Possibly promote confidence that wearers have pheromone makes it look more attractive to potential mates, no chemicals.

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Continuing controversy about the influence of human pheromones human behavior, like many scientific puzzles, studies seemed to contradict each other. Moreover, human behavior, something affected by a variety of factors, not easily lend themselves to scientific studies easily.

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