Low Cholesterol Foods for Lowering Cholesterol

Foods “low cholesterol”-need to diet or diet nonsense?

Low cholesterol foods are all the rage. Almost every newspaper, magazine, even television advertisements trumpet the latest “low fat”, “low cholesterol” or “lowering cholesterol, spread or even chocolate! This should be good news, low cholesterol foods, nor should he have? Well Yes, of course. If you buy “cholesterol kills you” of food and pharmaceutical industries.

Cholesterol is an essential element for thousands of body processes, not least because most of the hormones, especially sexual hormones. Without cholesterol, these processes the body will not be able to be done correctly and will enter the body disbriber (disease). As a result, low cholesterol foods and foods that lower cholesterol may actually have a detrimental effect on many body processes. And misses the real cause of the problem (for a thorough report, see cholesterol) that will correct itself almost always is removed due to high cholesterol blindly use chemicals (because that’s what is in these “foods”) to lower cholesterol.

What foods lower cholesterol?

Some low cholesterol foods are simply foods that cholesterol was removed. While not completely normal, and these are probably less unhealthy low cholesterol foods. And other low cholesterol foods health natural fat substitute plastics unhealthy and unnatural and downright dangerous known as hydrogenated vegetable oils, high in trans fat. These are highly dangerous chemicals that are involved in many diseases associated with fat.

A third group of “low cholesterol foods” (or claimed “cholesterol lowering foods”) has aberid in recent years and a similar concern. Many manufacturers recently released products that are not only low in cholesterol (which of course completely irrelevant) but that work chemically in the body to reduce blood cholesterol levels still further.

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This is not good news for the body cholesterol levels-raised something completely normal and healthy to do-body does not lead to increased levels of cholesterol for fun-cholesterol levels are tightly controlled in the liver and the amount of cholesterol in the blood relation of the amount of cholesterol in the diet (see cholesterol). As a result of low cholesterol foods nonsense and may do more harm than good.

Do yourself a favor, inf more information about cholesterol, what it is and what foods to avoid low cholesterol!

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