Lower Back Pain and Myths

Lower Back Pain – 8 out of 10 people in some parts of their lives are suffering from back pain. Lower back pain problem since a long time but the treatment is not that simple and straight forward. Some people could be resolved with proper medication and exercise and get rid of it fast either, for some it’s long and winding road to get an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. There are a lot of misconceptions that attached to the back and the one with the problem, we need to know what is right for him. Don’t get confused between misinformation confuse the situation. Lets take a look at some common myths attached to the back:

  • Back pain leads to cerebral spinal cord starts from the base of the brain in the neck and upper back and ends in the upper part of the lower back. Wood spine no spinal cord and has a large space for the nerve roots so unlikely that back pain can cause paralysis, even in dangerous conditions.
  • Back pain occurs in old age back pain more common in younger persons between 30-50 old then. This is generally true of diskoginik pain such as pain caused by a herniated disc or degenerative disc disease.
  • It can easily injure the spine spine is unique design and has a strong structure. Surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments and provides the strength and flexibility and support for the spine.
  • Physically active people not suffering from back pain pain right to active and well conditioned people are less likely to return then. However, back pain can affect all people regardless of their level of activities. Sports like gymnastics, golf and cricket and tennis is likely to cause pain.
  • Lower back pain related to weak bones lower back pain not related to weak bones and may occur for individuals with strong bones.
  • Diet affects the lower back pain does not have some type of food any direct relationship with lower back pain.
  • Sleeping on the floor or hard bed if you have lower back pain sleep on the ground or hard bed actually harmful for lower back pain. Must be comfortable in your sleep. Normal bed with cotton mattress firm enough.
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