The Main Bulimia Causes

Bulimia Causes – Some people may feel they are fat, regardless of how thin already. Or they may feel guilty when you eat lots of food. The guilt and shame of eating makes a person vomiting up all the food. These people have bulimia nervosa or bulimia, an eating disorder. Unrest related to the digestive system, but instead with the mind.

Although patients with bulimia may share the same feelings of guilt and shame about the food, the same patterns bingeing and purging, bulimia has many causes. Doctors did not specify any one of the causes of bulimia, but I know of many factors that may contribute to developing bulimia.

Bulimia Causes – Bulimia may be caused hereditary component. Certain genes may expose people to develop bulimia. Bulimia appears to run in families, and people with relatives who suffer from bulimia have higher frequency of developing bulimia. This, however, had more to do with family influences and role models of genetics.

Bulimia Causes – Brain chemistry may also cause bulimia. Research indicates that people with bulimia tend to be different levels of a chemical in the brain called serotonin. Altering serotonin levels may also contribute to depression.

Bulimia Causes – Social pressures may contribute to the development of bulimia. You may feel the people who want to please others are compelled to keep thin and fit. And women receive particularly daily messages to be thin. This drive could turn into an eating disorder.

The stress of family problems or being perfect may also contribute to a person developing bulimia.

I would binge someone with bulimia, meaning that he or she will eat more than 1,000 calories in one sitting. Sometimes, to someone with an eating disorder such as bulimia, eating a cookie may form a party. Then the triggers store all feelings of disgust and the person who will be vomiting, excessive exercise, or the misuse of laxatives to remove perceived overweight.

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Bulimia is caused by many factors, subtle, and all people suffering from bulimia need treatment from a psychologist and treatment out of the downward spiral binge and purge. Bulimia treatment completely.

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