The Power Of Nicotine Addiction

If you have ever tried to quit smoking, then you come up against the awesome power of nicotine addiction. If you want to finish, read on to find out how nicotine addiction takes hold, and how you can overcome it.

Brain chemistry changed

Absorb nicotine, an addictive substance in tobacco, into the blood stream where they affect brain chemistry. Quickly change mood and focus. Because of the large area of the lungs, smokers received big “hit” of nicotine with each puff. Nicotine is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, brain receives roughly dose of pleasure with each inhalation.

Nicotine affects basically in the middle of the brain, the part of the brain that controls your moods and emotions. And produces a pleasant sensations during smoking, anxiety and craving when nicotine is blocked. Doesn’t seem to be a perfect formula for addiction?

Behavioral enhancement

Nicotine Addiction – Because of the immediate activation of the brain, constantly smoking behaviour is reinforced. When smokers try to quit, they have to overcome the physical addiction to nicotine and their associations for behavior. This means the mental disconnect between the physical act of capture, lighting, smoking cigarettes, and pleasurable sensations it produces.

In addition to physical addiction, there is also a strong social and behavioral reinforcement for smoking. Certain cases (such as suffering from stress, and finish the meal, or go to a bar) becomes strongly linked to smoking cigarettes will automatically without thinking.

Genetic predisposition

Nicotine Addiction – However, some people more addicted to nicotine than others. The reason for this may be genetic. Some people metabolize nicotine more slowly, making them less likely to become addicted. There is a certain enzyme in the liver that breaks down nicotine. People with a genetic “defect” in the production of the enzyme were less likely to smoke, and if they smoke, they smoked cigarettes less than those with normal enzyme.

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There may also be genetic reasons relating to behavior which encourage addiction to smoking. Partly genetically determined reaction course, for example,-a stress relief 1-main reasons people smoke.

Anyone could finish

Nicotine Addiction – People who are addicted to smoking can Solice in knowing that it is possible to terminate. Although some find it more difficult than others, there are many resources available for anyone who wants to give up the habit. Help is available in the form of nicotine replacement and other medical therapies, group therapy and counseling. It’s not just the physical addiction to nicotine that must be overcome. The desire to smoke is driven by many associations (food, sex, alcohol) that has been developed over the years. We must also defeated those individual styles.

Age is no barrier

Nicotine Addiction – As with any addiction, the more material you have used nicotine, the more difficult it will be to break free. Young adults who had been smoking for only a few years old will likely be easier to finish than adult person with usually 20 years. On the other hand, middle-age smoker is likely to feel vulnerable to the health risks of smoking, which creates a stronger incentive to break the habit.

Regardless of age or number of years of smoking, anyone can quit and restore health benefits resulting from a non-smoker. It’s now easier than ever with the widespread availability of AIDS and addiction rehabilitation programmes. I don’t think it’s time for you to quit smoking for good?

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