Powerful Ways to Portray Confidence and Success

Confidence and Success

And many women are choosing who are attacked because The way they presented themselves. Something about their position The attacker said, “here is a weak woman, I can take her.” If I was afraid of your pumpkin will appear.

¬†Low self esteem, fear like slouched shoulders; Head down, arms folded in front or in pockets. Look confident Like walking tall, shoulders back, head up, eye contact, eye Arms at side. One statistic revealed that these coaches in Martial art less vulnerable to attack than ever because The way they themselves. I’ve been trained to defend Themselves and not take a position. They have Confidence.

Try this experiment. Next time you’re in a public place, Mall, grocery store, the beach, whatever, walk past all the And search for people directly in the eye. You may need to A little smile or a “how ya doin ‘?” so I don’t think they You were stalking them. You’ll be amazed at the number of people
Who will not look at you. They will look down or away but not in For you. Of course, in some cultures not fitting the look people In the eye. Should take care of that. But in many circles will
Find it difficult to find 10 people who will look at you.

You’re seen as the subconscious you Contact you’re not afraid. Never send Nonverbal clues that you are lacking confidence. To access the Exercise always looking people in the eye, take it one step
And see what color eyes. It only takes a quick Quick look, you’re not starring down people but if you make an effort To select the eye color, you can be confident you are working properly Looking for head of people in the eyes.

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Get your hands out of your pockets when you walk. Aunkros that Weapons that are locked across your chest. Not only does it look Stronger and more friendly with open arms, safer. And should
Need arises you need to thwart off potential attackers; I need your arms to liberate yourself. How easy it One can come from behind you and grab you if your arms Neatly tucked away? You’re just making it easy. How could you Poke the eyeballs, or Adam’s Apple JAB or throw the elbow
Ribs if hugging your arms yourself.

“But I’m afraid” I confess to you. There are two things that you can do About that. One is to take some self defense classes-learn how Do not be afraid. Another way to change how You can project yourself to fake it until you make it. You might be Scared out of your wits, but if you can get talking, ” I’m not scared “and get the body language to follow, head, Return of the shoulders, and open arms, then you give at least Not signal weak prey.

Half the battle in your mind. To do something about it.

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