Preventing Future Wikileak Fiascos and Make Fewer Documents Classified

Sites with nearly 1 million people with some forms of government security clearance or access to these documents in the private sector, it should not surprise anyone that the whistle blower “like Wikileaks is able to get their hands on 100s of thousands of documents and media, confidential, secret, or confidential documents and perhaps even higher.

Obviously, the Government was doing everything in its power to support confidential, secret, or top secret leaks. In fact, “Obama administration” sent a note about this to all agencies. Secret memo was, of course, until it ended immediately at all locations. But I think that illustrates the problem how endemic, and how hard future challenge which might be.

There was an interesting book and has recently, I think anyone interested in this topic should read, as it’s well worth your time, go ahead and read it now, and then return to this article to mine and let’s talk;

Recent interesting report entitled “what framework should be classified with the application of global power management data initiative” MC libiki, PA Jackson, Dr frilinger, Lachman, wekalra, RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, California (2011), 110 pages, “from the library of Congress control number: 2010940485; ISBN: 978-0-8330-5001-4.

The most interesting thing in all of this is Daniel Ellsberg, the traitor in the Pentagon Papers case “(look up in Wikipedia and come back again to this article) actually took those documents from the RAND Corporation, the same group that wrote this book or report-so I bet, they should know a thing or two about it. Similarly, classified as Manning, who has thrown huge quantities of data intelligence in Wikileaks betrayed our nation and sworn duty.

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Now then, how do we stop all this? Well, there are a few things we need to change. One that we need to stop stamping all “secret” or “confidential” when it is not really. I’ve had conversations with people in the Government who couldn’t believe all I knew about, which they think is classified, of course, they couldn’t confirm or deny it, as I want them too for security sake and function.

There is still a whole lot in the media, and is widely known in various industries, or for news junkies. And since these days with the speed of information flow-classed really mean, “Oh like one week, two tops!” so, one cat out of the bag, UN-categorize all this old stuff because he will do three things;

(1) you will get the workforce processing information more serious about remains classified.
(2) it will increase the speed of your connection, and thus efficiency.
(3) it will save tons of money trying to keep secret things that not everybody knows that.

Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think about it.

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