How To Protect Yourself from Bird Flu

Bird flu spreads rapidly world flying wild birds. And the bird flu with them when they migrate. They infect non-migratory birds, which in turn infect domestic chickens, ducks, turkeys and so on.

Bird flu spread to humans primarily through contact with chickens, ducks and other birds. But it also spread through contact with other infected birds. Even if you live in the city, the local pigeons can carry bird flu to your window sill.

Humans seem to have a virus by eating infected poultry, but through contact with infected matter or prepared for consumption.

It seems that the main reason for human infection of viral particles and dust. “We think that those are inhaling particulate matter and how to catch people.” said cock Thompson, spokesman of the World Health Organization, in Geneva. “It is very hard to stop transmission of the virus now.

Children are exposed to high risks of bird flu because they may play where you can find birds carrying avian flu. It is not only infected birds connection problem. Feathers and feces carry bird flu virus. So called baby pigeon feces on window sill, walk through it on the pavement of the city, picking up some feathers or play with a caged bird neighbors.

Similarly, you may walk through a pigeon or bird feces and bird flu unknowingly transport in your home.

And the World Health Organization recommends that you should not keep pet birds, you should avoid contact with any live birds, feces, feathers, dead birds or waste. You should wash your hands and any clothing that may come in contact with the bird flu virus.

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Also note that you remove your shoes outside your House to prevent entry of any avian flu virus into the House. To clean your boots, put plastic bags over your hands and cover your mouth with a cloth and wear goggles. Clean them with SOAP and water before bringing them to the House.

And the World Health Organization recommends that you do not eat dead. Now this amazing warning instead since it seems that most people don’t eat live chickens. Since the purchase of many people in the West on the chicken, dead, in supermarkets, they are unable to determine whether the chicken, in the State of live bird flu or not. They must take appropriate warnings about eating chicken or not eating at all.

All poultry must be cooked so there is no pink meat. Should the internal temperature reaches at least 70 degrees Celsius or higher. And the World Health Organization says that the meat is safe to eat.

But the person preparing the food preparation area is at risk from bird flu. So you can prepare food well, but pollute your kitchen with bird flu.

Eggs in the fridge can be dangerous. White also can carry bird flu virus shells and within those shells. You should wash all the eggs before putting them out there, and if you break one, cleanse the area thoroughly.

And the World Health Organization says that hard boiled egg that has been boiled for at least 5 minutes and internal temperature exceeding 70 ┬░ Fahrenheit.

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Public health officials have recommended that people in areas known to harbor the bird flu get vaccinated against human influenza forms. In practice, the way it spreads, is everywhere.

There are 4 flu drugs: amantadine and woalrimantadin that help fight certain strains of H5N1 virus infections, Tamiflu and Relenza, said that all medicines are classified as neuraminidase inhibitors, to help fight the most h5n1 virus strains. Anyway, it’s wise to note that warning in this article at least abide by hygiene practices in General.

Has published “World Health Organization” a great deal of information on bird flu, it would be the proliferation of organizations and the media. This article is written to support this effort. Asks you to spread this information far and wide as possible. Because sales of anti-retroviral drugs that may confer protection, had exceeded the capacity of manufacturers to make them, the information in this article is particularly important, so please spread the word. Publish it and move it to your friends and family. Might save someone’s life-even your own.