How to Quit Smoking Slowly

You want to quit smoking but you can’t stand the thought of losing your best friend. So make your friend the enemy and then it will be easy.

Don’t need pills or patches or gum to quit smoking. All they do soften you rely on nicotine. This part is easier than quitting smoking. It is said to be nicotine withdrawal in about 72 hours.

The rest of quitting smoking is longing for your friend. This is the part I don’t get. This is also the reason why many people find it impossible to continue to quit smoking.

Might like sadness you feel when you lose a loved one. The problem is, all you have to do is buy a pack of cigarettes, and will be happy again. Have your friend again.

How are you going to make this a great friend to foe? Also it is very easy but you have to be willing to stick with it for a few weeks. Do not give.

Make smoking inconvenient as possible.

You can start with the obvious and decide will no longer smoke in your House and your car. This is often very easy to rule out though. All you need to do is change your mind or do it just this once. This is the reason why you have not been able to finish before. You can change your rules and you surrender yourself.

You can throw away all the ashtrays and fill the ashtray in your car with hard candy. Again, if you decide not to uphold that it is very easy to buy ashtrays and dump more candy.

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You can partner with a friend and vow to quit together. The problem here is probably ends up cheating and this will make you feel like you let your friend down. (He or she will be in the same boat).

So what do you do? Well first of all, don’t quit. Just smoke less for a while. If you tell yourself to quit smoking, all those sad feelings make you change your mind. To not finish.

You will eventually need to quit once you make your cigarettes out of the enemy but now, don’t quit. Now she’s just smoking less.

OK, so here’s the information that I was waiting for.

Why do you smoke so much? It’s your cigarettes sitting right there. Maybe many smoke cigarettes you didn’t even realize. You can just grab your Pack, light up one. By the time you are putting out, I was thinking of grabbing another one. Maybe not consciously, but subconsciously you are planning your next smoke.

So quit making it very easy to smoke. Put your cigarettes in another room. Put them in the trunk. Put in a very uncomfortable place. When you decide to smoke, you’ll have to put effort in smoking is not just mindlessly smoke.

If you already made a judgment about not smoking in the House, and stick to that rule, you may be disappointed with this article so far. Well, keep reading.

The main idea here you should make smoking problem. Make a task, so to speak. If you make it hard enough to smoke, will eventually hate smoking completely. Your cigarettes will be more of a nuisance than a friend.

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Take your cigarette pack and wrap them in foil. Put that package foil ziplock bag. The ziplock bag in a plastic grocery bag and tie up. Store this bag on the top shelf in the back of your closet. Do the same with your lighter or matches except the store downstairs. Now when you want a cigarette, you will have to work to get one.

Get one cigarette and re do. Put the packet back where it belongs. Go get your lighter or matches, light cigarettes and lighter lay back in the package and your storage spot. Do it! Don’t say you’ll do it later. Do it now!

Next time you want a cigarette, you will have to start over. This is going to achieve two things. First and foremost, you will smoke less because of this big ordeal just to smoke a cigarette. Secondly, you will start to despise these cigarettes to make you work harder.

The longer you can keep this routine, the more you will avoid smoking. Soon, the cigarette will be a great friend that I think they were. Gradually, you will train your subconscious to not enjoy smoking. Someday you will just need to finish. These cigarettes will be a pain in the neck a lot of bother to worry about.

This work. Worked for me and many other people I told about it. Just remember you have to stick with it. You don’t have to quit smoking; all you have to be very organized about storing your cigars.

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