How to Recognize Acute Stress

For those who are familiar with stress, there is a clear difference between the regular acute stress and tension. While the normal stress is part of everyday life in today’s hectic world, severe stress a different animal altogether.

While stress is certainly a problem, considering it can cause a weakened immune system, memory problems and lack of concentration and coronary artery disease, severe stress is another thing. In fact, acute stress can actually cause mental and physical breakdown.

Due to severe stress the harshest conditions. It is often the result of actual or threatened death or serious injury, or some form of physical abuse, such as rapes. He feels the person suffering from severe stress is usually a sort of disgust or horror at the sight of the event, or of the experience of the event. Then, after severe stress, the person at risk of post-traumatic stress disorder. Moreover, it can be an experience severe stress lasting effects, but permanent when the person suffering from severe stress and may not be able to fully adjust to life after the event.

Acute stress is, in essence, a form of trauma, no different from physical trauma. The person in this form of mental distress that the brain is almost unable to cope with stress, and turn off. A person who is suffering from acute stress feeling numb and they are unable to communicate with the outside world. They could not adapt to the reality that surrounds them, are, in many ways, stuck in the moment when he suffered severe stress.

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The problem with severe stress is that it creates a kind of tape loop in a person’s mind, which they constantly recreate the event over and over without being able to stop them. This event so completely consumed after terrible so that a person who lived through it still think about it till they’re almost unable to move any further.

Unfortunately, the results of severe stress is not limited to issues inside. If left unchecked, can lead to severe stress in anxiety, inability to focus, post-traumatic stress disorder, and even a breakdown. Thus, severe stress is not a minor issue. In fact, it must be dealt with quickly to prevent serious complications.

If symptoms of severe stress, such as detachment or anxiety or a general desire to avoid anything that remind the person of the event which caused severe stress, generally considered that severe stress has moved to post traumatic stress disorder. Thus, any person suffering from severe stress should seek some kind of treatment so that this doesn’t happen.

The first form of treatment that comes to most peoples minds is psychotherapy. Sessions with a psychologist or a psychiatrist at least familiar to people and very useful for the treatment of acute stress. However, many people shy away from psychiatric treatment simply because of the stigma associated with it.

Another technique for treatment of severe stress is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT aims to help people to deal with problems or concerns through a combination of treatments, all working towards the same goal. The cognitive part in cognitive behavioral therapy deals with the mind and helps to think differently about memories. Then the behavioral part helps the person by exposing them to things that will force them to face their fears or their problems. Behavioral method originally known as therapy for phobias, cognitive therapy is familiar from psychotherapy. However, combining these methods in one holistic therapy, CBT can cause some very good results.

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Another method to combat severe stress, followed by medication. Depending on the symptoms, the doctor may prescribe perhaps another form of antidepressant medicines or anti anxiety. However, people should be very careful with these drugs alter mood, since they tend to change the way they think. Therefore, you must monitor themselves people medications such and see how they react to their effects.

Acute stress, and generally manageable and treatable. And it should be treated, it can lead to depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and even a complete collapse.

Although people may think they are handling it fine, severe stress is a form of trauma corresponds basically physical trauma; more severe trauma, most results on the person. Thus, the person suffering from some painful experiences don’t seem to want to go away from treatment as soon as possible. Although people cannot change what happened to them, they can do something to prevent that memories of control over their lives.

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