Simple Tips to Lower High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is very common diagnosis doctors nowadays when dealing with patients. Been identified cholesterol in relation to increased risk of heart disease. But what is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a substance produced in the human liver. And the body produces cholesterol to build acids that help digest fat that we eat with our meals. Cholesterol is also supposed to build and repair cells. It’s also part of the process of production of estrogen and testosterone. Have never heard what cholesterol is and what it does most people affected by high cholesterol.

Cholesterol plays an important role for the human body. So, how can this essence transform itself into something that puts your health at risk? As with almost everything in life does a good job just cholesterol when available within certain limits. If getting paid these limits high (= high cholesterol) transforms himself into something that put your health at risk. Proven high cholesterol to clog the arteries again can lead to heart attacks and stroke. Statistics show that about 500,000 die u.s. population through heart disease related incidents. Can be reduced once diagnosed with high cholesterol and take appropriate actions risk heart attacks by up to 40%.

Cholesterol symptoms

For most patients, it is surprising to learn that there are no external visible symptoms for diagnosing high blood cholesterol level. A blood test is necessary to determine high cholesterol. However, if the diagnosis of certain medical conditions can be sign of high cholesterol. These include medical conditions (but not limited to) coronary artery disease, vascular disease or stroke.

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How to lower high cholesterol?

If blood tests show that your cholesterol levels are too high, your doctor will recommend taking immediate action. Depending on the severity of the problem could be that special diet combined with physical exercise or the use of medication. Generally the patient should begin using a low cholesterol diet and plan to do so in the long run. Low cholesterol diet based on food and low in saturated fat. Recommended food groups on a diet low in cholesterol and include (but are not limited to) lean meat, skinless poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables, whole grain foods, low fat dairy products.

Meals should be prepared by steaming, grilling, boiling or baking. Fried food items that should be avoided.

Blood tests for cholesterol values supposed to do every 3 years for healthy people. Patients diagnosed with high cholesterol should expect more frequent blood tests to verify the success of the medication and diet.

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