Simple Tips Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

Ways to keep low

Lowering Cholesterol – These days we hear a lot of warnings about cholesterol, but interesting, cholesterol isn’t all bad. Your body produces naturally, and he does some very vital functions-help build new cells, as well as the production of hormones and nerve insulation. Just when you’ve got a lot of you have a problem.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of mystery surrounding this article because it’s made up of cholesterol whether good or bad, known as HDL and LDL. So it is a good guy, a bad guy?
Cholesterol (density lipoprotein) is a good guy (higher the better), LDL (low-density lipoprotein) bad guy-little devil artery clogging.

All ways today to maintain low cholesterol in your blood.

Watch your weight

Lowering Cholesterol – The more overweight you are, the body produces more cholesterol. Even if your weight is higher, this is one of the reasons, but do it with a healthy diet.

Cut the fat

Lowering Cholesterol – It would be wise to cut back on these sources of saturated fats such as meat, butter, cheese and hydrogenated oils. Whenever possible, replace these items with fish, poultry, and dairy products are low fat and unsaturated oils.

Switch to olive oil.

Lowering Cholesterol – Olive oil contains monounsaturates, which is said to help lower blood cholesterol levels when added to your food on a daily basis. Two or three table spoons full day should be sufficient

Go easy on the egg

Don’t feel fully may break, if you want to play it safe then your limit eggs to about three a week, or use egg whites only.

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Be full of beans

Inexpensive, nutritious beans and other legumes that contain water soluble fiber called pectin that helps to remove cholesterol from the body.

Eat more fruit

As the fruit of cholesterol lowering punch of pectin, so by eating plenty of fresh fruit will help lower your cholesterol levels.

And may your oats

Oat bran is also helping to reduce blood cholesterol in a way similar to rich fruit pectin. In fact it was high oat bran diet which helped me to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. I use it in pills, mixed in the meals that you eat. It resembles a bit of sawdust, but really effective.

Other recommended foods

Lowering Cholesterol – Carrots can lower cholesterol. Islands by their pectin content himself as a fruit. The Islands two days should be enough to help when combined with other foods recommended. Eat them raw if possible.

Take garlic

Lowering Cholesterol – Eat raw garlic. As well as reducing your circle of friends, would reduce harmful blood fats. If you don’t fancy eating raw garlic, then using liquid garlic extract that can be purchased in capsule form. These can be purchased in the store or local health food supermarket.

Don’t smoke

Lowering Cholesterol – Studies have shown that heavy smokers cholesterol higher than non-smokers, so here is another reason to give up. You’ll save yourself a bundle of money as well! -To smoke in trials conducted in Sweden, smokers tend to suffer from low levels of cholesterol.


There are now lots of medications on the market to lower blood cholesterol levels. But, with all drugs, there are always side effects take into consideration, so try natural methods first. Use drugs only as a last resort.

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When I discovered my cholesterol levels are high, and I managed to get my levels back to normal by using the methods described in this article. I hope you enjoyed reading.

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