Sleep Thoughts Worries and Fears

Sleep – Do you fall asleep immediately after entering the bed or do thoughts and fears begin to flow into your mind, keep your sleeping away? Do you find it difficult to stop them?

When you are in bed at night, there are fewer distractions outside and it’s quiet and dark and so I was more aware of the movements of your mind. I feel that the ideas are attacking you, doesn’t give you rest for a moment, especially if you have been having trouble in your life.

If you are not healthy you will probably think about your health. If you have problems, then it will be ideas about these problems might flood your mind. I will have a baby ideas from parents or teachers or exams, and businessman about his work. Thoughts and worries and fears that are usually suppressed by the roof on and a bevy of mind.

What will you be willing to do to free yourself from those restless thoughts, nibbling that prevent you from sleeping? Will be happy to be able to silence all thoughts that pop up when you are in bed?

If you fight those ideas and try to keep them from power it will grow stronger, because you will give them more attention. If you want to get rid of a tree growing in your garden and cut it down, it’ll grow back very fast, but if you stop watering it will wither gradually. You need to treat your ideas the same way. To calm them down, you have to ignore, is the equivalent of not watering the tree.

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How to ignore these nagging thoughts which accompany you to bed? Here are some tips that may help you:

1. go to bed at a reasonable time, not too early and not too late.

2. lie down on the bed and relax your body.

3. for 2-3 minutes, pay attention to every muscle in the body from head to toe. If you find any muscles tense, relax.

4. for about a minute, letting thoughts come freely in your mind.

5. watch these ideas as they come and grow.

6. tell your mind it if it has any interesting ideas that require attention, you’re ready to discuss them tomorrow.

7. If one of the fixed ideas, write it down so you can remember to think about it the next day.

8. now try to consider ideas with disinterest. Lack of interest is the magic word when it comes to dominate and silence the ideas. Don’t let your feelings aroused and manipulate your thoughts.

If they still come, and they probably won’t, it’s all right. Don’t fight them, but just try to ignore the loss of any interest. Ignoring the idea goes away in the end. Don’t worry if you fail at first. Keep trying and it will improve the situation.

9. watching thoughts that enter your mind, as if watching a dull and it will lose its potency.

10. and there’s nothing else he can do, and the practice of meditation every day.

After practicing meditation for some time will affect your sleep. As a byproduct of meditation you will get used to being relaxed and at peace, and when you go to sleep, it will be much easier to ignore persistent and disturbing thoughts. In fact, you may fall asleep immediately after lights out.

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