How to Survive the Next Killer Influenza Pandemic

Influenza pandemic occur regularly, usually about three in every century. The last one was in 1918, when some 50 million people died. There are two other less serious size in 1957 and 1968.

Today there is a new breed and a very malicious viruses armerging in Southeast Asia who are already responsible for killing dozens of people. Yet infected contracted the disease directly from birds, but health officials are worried that if and when the virus mutates so that it can spread from human to human, it will lead to an epidemic in the far more severe than in 1918.

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

Influenza Pandemic – Address the “who” in America (health) meeti
ng “Council Directive” in Washington on 27 September 2005, Director-General of the World Health Organization (who) Lee Jong-wook said that there will be another pandemic influenza and not to prepare for it properly would have “catastrophic consequences.”

“There’s a storm brewing that will test us all. And you have to sign it and get ready for the good of our society, “he said.

Perhaps that will not happen. Maybe I’ll go back and die away.

Let us hope so.

But are you ready to exploit that opportunity with the welfare of your loved ones at risk? As parents, but we have the right to take that chance?

What you can do to prepare now.

Fortunately, there are a number of steps that each of us can take risks for ourselves and our families.

And let’s not kid ourselves. We will not be able to rely on the Government for help. Hurricane Katrina taught us that.

Influenza Pandemic – Stay up to date. If and when the virus mutates so that it spread from human to human, it will probably start in Southeast Asia. Pay attention to the news. When you hear that this happened, it’s time to work. We might have two or three months before the pandemic reach North America, but with a very fast and easy international travel can be a lot sooner.

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Not to travel to areas where known flu virus was found. Center for disease control “website that provides you with this information. In

Prepare children for homeschooling. Most outbreaks begin in schools. You can be sure that the school will be closed. Even if it’s not, you have to give very serious thought to keep children at home.

Minimize contact with others. Can spread the virus for two days before a person shows no symptoms for a week after the disappearance of symptoms. You don’t know who are not, and who might be infected.

Influenza Pandemic – Wash your hands. Did you know that sneezing particles can travel across the room at 600 miles per hour? If a person has influenza sneezes, covering everything in that room with the flu virus. And when you touch anything, the virus moves with your hand. Eventually you will be forwarded to your mouth. Your only protection wash hands, well and often. Each should include strong filtration washing with SOAP and water for at least 20 seconds.

Store food and water. Most sobermakates have only enough food for about a week. It is crucial to stock up on enough food to last you for as long as you can be 3-4 months.

Updating your will. Hopefully this won’t be necessary, but not all of us go to survive.

Get vaccinated against flu. There is no vaccination after this special kind of flu but vaccinated protects you against any other flu infection which could lead to a weakening of your system, making you more likely to fall victim to avian strain Dallaire.

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Influenza Pandemic – Purchase enough antiviral drugs medicine “every Member” of the family. Currently it is the only medication that can help mitigate the effects of the bird flu virus, oseltamivir, known as Tamiflu. Global supplies are very low, barely sufficient to provide adequate protection of everyone, so that stock up immediately on this medication. You can buy online, but do your shopping for that price varies greatly. Once the pandemic, it will be impossible to get at any price.

Life insurance. Make sure your life insurance is enough, check out the fine print. Some policies do not cover items for you in the event of a pandemic.

Stock up on face masks. You will need to wear these when you have ever come in close contact with others. It is likely that any public corporations or Government offices that remain open will make it mandatory you wear a mask before entering. Make sure that your mask has a rating of N100. N95 masks more commonly does not give you adequate protection.

Preparation room for quarantine. If anyone in the family affected, should be immediately transferred to a location that is isolated from the rest of the House. This room should be as far as possible, and should be filled with food, water, medical supplies, sanitation, communications, entertainment, cleaning tools (books, radio, tv, etc.)

Communication. There is a good chance that television and radio stations, and was no longer able to broadcast if there are power outages in your area. My radio works good quality battery, capable of receiving shortwave stations enable you to stay abreast of developments in the outside world.

Authority. There could be an extended power outage. You should consider alternative methods of heating and lighting. Battery and propane, kerosene and gasoline generators are possible options.

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Protection. New Orleans and showed us how quickly the catastrophic conditions civilization breaks down under. And that was mild compared to what you could face in a pandemic. This bottom line: most people will not take the necessary steps to prepare for disasters. And when it hits, it’ll be panic stricken. They do anything to try to save themselves. And that includes trying to take everything you might want.

Influenza Pandemic – You will need some tobrotikt means your family. If you own firearms, makesure you can store with ammunition. Remember, you won’t be able to call a COP gendarmerie if you find an intruder on your property.

Find a place in the country. If you live in the city, you will be surrounded by chaos. Disasters like this always lead to civil unrest. If you can escape from the city will be safer. If you don’t have one, consider buying a trailer. If you can’t afford it, consider a tent.

“Up to 1 billion people can die the whole world in six months. We are half a step away from the disastrous epidemic in the world. ” Dmitry Lvov, Director of k D.I. ivanovski, virology Institute of the Russian Academy of medical sciences.

Whether that will happen this year, or not would be disastrous, as many specialists predict, one thing is clear: “there will be an epidemic of unimaginable proportions some time soon.

Influenza Pandemic – We can either bury our heads in the sand and hope it will not happen, or could begin to take immediate steps to ensure that in the worst case, we have given ourselves and our loved ones the best possible chance of survival.

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