The Dangers of Fluoridation

Fluoridation – A number of “local government councils in Australia was unable to provide fluoride supplements for free to the public, given the lack of wide in Australia, where residents should be heartened by the knowledge that it’s doses not their children daily with equivocal carcinogenic toxic as established as only slightly less than that of arsenic and lead.

The United States food and Drug Administration has never approved fluoride supplements and review the list of “who’s” essential medicines “in 2005 with sodium fluoride to remove.

The researchers said Australian dental amvild Spencer no significant difference in tooth decay rates child standing drinking fluoridated water compared with aunfloridatid (community medicine arnfrild Spencer & JM a.j. (2004) and oral epidemiology, 32 (4) 283).

Fluoride Silicon used fluoride containing arsenic and lead agents are carcinogenic, and masters and Coplan (1999) show a correlation between the use of florosilisik acid (and its sodium salt) fluoridated water and increase the absorption of lead in the blood of children. In fact I mentioned Roger d masters (Research Professor of Government, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, United States): specific chemical compounds most commonly used to water in the United States, and floridati florosilisik acid and sodium silicofluoride never been tested adequately.

Epidemiological studies show that, so add these silikofloridis to public water, children are significantly more likely to absorb bullets in their environment of lead paint in older homes, and lead levels in water, etc (niorotoksikologi Ital masters (200) 23:101 + Int.i. nail env. 56:435 (1999)).

Web search under the search term “silikofloridi” reveals a number of substances of concern regarding harmful effects. Get new evidence about the serious potential harms of swallowing fluoride for a summary.

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There are hundreds, if not thousands, of scientific studies done correctly is a collection of short and long term warning about the dangers of fluoridation and evidence disastrous effects of water fluoridation on all living things.

So what’s amazing is that professionals promoting fluoride, in one form or another, seem unaware of any of these studies, or choose to ignore them though they conducted by highly qualified scientists equal or superior even to themselves, studies have also shown that with continuous cumulative silikofloridis ingestion and cannot be eliminated and severity of debilitating and disabling special effects and that victims are approaching old age.

They can accelerate dramatically increased in form but is rare and deadly bone cancer adolescent boys, even after relatively short periods of exposure.

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