The Inventor of Contact Lenses

According to the “Doghouse technologies,” was the first inventor to begin with the idea of Leonardo da Vinci contact lenses in the early 1500. While no evidence of actual pair of it, he brought charts and graphs. Another early inventor used, RenĂ© Descartes, hidriaskobi, glass tube filled with water, to neutralize the power of the cornea. But these were guys were geniuses are born before their time and a bit more of the technology before any of them could be the inventor of the contact lens.

In the 19th century, many scientists around the concept of contact lenses. Lenses made of blown glass and shells are lathe cut glass. Then, in 1935, PMMA was invented. Bolimithelmithakrilati is a plastic, plastic and real changes in wearing contact lenses. William vinblom uses PMMA and glass in 1936 in an attempt to make solid contact lens cover. Mix the two didn’t work, PMMA became the only material used in contact lenses.

So who is considered the inventor of contact lenses? Kevin t is considered the inventor of contact lenses that fit over the cornea, often smaller but never bigger than IRIS. PMMA does not allow oxygen, which can lead to edema. In the 1970s, hit a plastic new family cluster. Silicone-phenylthiourea allows much more oxygen to pass through the lens. Now there is the FSA, or florosilikoni-akrilati, which allows even more oxygen in the eyes and wet material is better in the eye. Now, there are bifocal contacts contacts contacts for astigmatism and Keratoconus.

And describes the inventor of contact lenses in fact many people who came across one of the greatest developments vision with intellectuals and technology together.

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